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17 January 2013 @ 10:54 am
Red vs. Blue Theme  
Name: Yin
Do you have a gender preference when it comes to your stamp (Male/Female/Don't Care)? You cannot ask for both!: I don't really care either way...whoever you feel is the best fit is fine by me! :D

Describe your overall personality: I try to see the good in everyone and live by the policy of "forgive and forget," I hardly ever get jealous of other people, I’m understanding, and I try to avoid conflict if at all possible. I’m incredibly shy and withdrawn around other people, and I don’t really have a lot of confidence in my own abilities. I tend to worry about things that I have no control over, and I can be a bit immature and childish at times. I’d probably much rather run away from problems than simply deal with them head-on, and I can be really naïve (my family and friends will often tell me that I don’t act with common sense). But at the same time, I can ALSO be insanely stubborn and determined when I feel very strongly about something so it really just depends on the situation at hand. I can ramble on and on when it comes to topics that catch my interest too. I tend to probably be way more polite than is necessary in most social situations as well, for some reason.

I recently took this test...and I pretty much was tied with Lawful Good and Neutral Good (seriously...I took the test four times just to be sure, and literally had only about a point of difference between both options in my individual results depending on how I answered one or two questions XD). I could see both options fitting for me within reason at times and I've actually gotten both results before on similar online tests in the past as well, so I shall mention them here in case they could be helpful for stamping purposes! :D Thank you very much to cassandrablue for the test link! ♥ Horoscope-wise, I am a Libra (some of the personality traits associated with that Zodiac Sign DO fit for me at times, while others really don't...but I figured that I would mention it here in case someone thought it was helpful for voting purposes). According to another personality test online...I fit into The Generous Thinker personality type, which is fairly accurate from how The Generous Thinker is described. I also apparently fall into the ISFP personality type. I don't really have too much to say on that given how detailed the link is, and for the most part...I do feel like the ISFP personality type is fairly accurate too. :)

I took the Enneagram Personality Test, and I got Type 6: The Loyalist...which seems fairly accurate for the most part. In brief, the Type 6 is described as The Committed, Security-Oriented Type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious. Sixes are reliable, hard-working, responsible, and trustworthy. Excellent "troubleshooters," they foresee problems and foster cooperation, but can also become defensive, evasive, and anxious—running on stress while complaining about it. They can be cautious and indecisive, but also reactive, defiant and rebellious. They typically have problems with self-doubt and suspicion. At their Best: internally stable and self-reliant, courageously championing themselves and others. They have a basic fear of being without support and guidance, and their basic desire is to have security and support. The key motivations for a Type 6 are that they want to have security, to feel supported by others, to have certitude and reassurance, to test the attitudes of others toward them, to fight against anxiety and insecurity. ...And the link itself does an even more detailed/lengthier description of that personality type if you need it! I think it fits rather well, all things considered.

...And I followed someone's example and also took this test. It was fairly accurate, I thought! So feel free to read this one too if you still need more personality reference:
You are shy and a little reclusive. Big crowds and new social situations make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. You prefer to stick with your close friends and family. You have a large personal space and you hate to feel crowded or overwhelmed. If you have been dragged out to a party, or have had a stressful day at work, you need to retreat to your own private place for a while afterwards to recharge.

You are very sensitive, and easily hurt. You tend to worry about what other people are thinking about you. Often, the offhand comments that people make hurt your feelings. You tend to hide your feelings from people whom you are not comfortable with, like strangers, acquaintances or coworkers. You may brush things off with a joke or hide your pain behind a toss of the head. You try not to overreact to things, and you avoid conflict, especially with strangers. However, if you are pushed too far, you can defend yourself with a vengeance.

With your loved ones you are quite different. You trust them with your feelings and with them you tend to be more open and sincere. You are loyal and clannish, and while you hide yourself from strangers and acquaintances, you come out of hiding when your close friends and family are around. Or at least, you do for a while, before you need to retreat back into your private place to re-charge.

Positive Traits: Caring, observant, creative, playful, polite, and understanding.
Negative Traits: Shy, anxious, daydreamer (from the stance that I sometimes have to be reminded to keep myself grounded when I let my mind wander), naïve, lazy, and indecisive.
Interests/Hobbies?: I love to read (fantasy is my favorite genre, though any well-written book from other fiction genres or non-fiction is also welcome! ♥), and I enjoy writing. I love creative writing and have been trying to get more into that again after a pretty long bout of writer's block...and I also like to write reviews (haha, one of my biggest career goals is actually to be a journalist who specializes in electronic entertainment...still is, actually ♥) or just writing down my thoughts on things randomly too. I like interacting with and taking care of animals too. Watching TV/movies, hanging out with friends or family, and playing video games (RPGs and fighting games especially!) are also some of my favorite hobbies too.
Dislikes?: Character/couple bashing (even if I disagree with someone's point of view, I like remaining open minded and respectful of their opinions), unnecessary fights, and people who are intentionally cruel to others.
How might others describe you?: ...I think that, when people first meet me, they probably view me as someone who needs to be protected somehow. As I stated before, I come across as someone very quiet and nervous when interacting with people I'm not overly-familiar with...and I've even been called "meek" and "timid" on more than one occasion. Once I become more comfortable around someone, I can open up a bit more (people are often surprised the first time I speak up or crack a joke with them). Get me started on a topic that I really enjoy...and I will literally NOT stop talking about it (as people who are familiar with my ramblings on LJ are probably very much aware of! Sorry about that, everyone...and thank you for putting up with me! ♥). I've been told that I'm more playful and enthusiastic than my initial impression indicates by people because of that. I've also been described as polite (though socially awkward), creative, understanding, nervous, a worrier, and nice by others once they've gotten to know me.

ARE YOU MORE... (feel free to say "neither" or "both" for these questions and try to explain your answers!)
Leader or Follower?: A follower, definitely...I'd constantly be worried about making the wrong decisions if I was placed in a position of leadership. And I'm not sure I could be strict enough in enforcing policies and what-not, so I'd probably be a somewhat ineffective leader at that. Besides, even as a follower--I'm still going to be voicing my opinion if I feel like something really needs to be addressed or looked into that isn't getting done for whatever reason, and I'll be making my own decisions on what I feel I should be doing...so I'll never be blindly following others anyways.
Mature or Immature?: It can sometimes really depend on the situation, but I guess overall I'd probably say that I act more childish at times...I can get very childlike in certain circumstances, especially if I'm not working on something or just hanging out with close friends and family.
Calm or Energetic?: Somewhere in-between for the most part, although I do have moments of extreme hyperactivity and calmness.
Optimistic, Pessimistic, Realistic, or Idealistic?: I'd rather see the silver lining to things, so I guess I'm more of an optimist/idealist at heart (though with probably some more realistic tendencies at times depending on certain situations).
Reserved or Outgoing?: Very, very shy...I don't really dislike people or anything, I just have a really hard time getting the confidence I need to talk to others comfortably. It's something I need to work on, but it's a trait that's really hard to change. I'm able to be a bit more open around family and close friends though.
Persistent or Agreeable?: Oddly persistent in some situations, while agreeable in others. :D It kind of just depends. If it isn't something I feel overly strongly about, I'm usually more agreeable when it comes to most things though.
Common Sense or Book Smarts?: Book smart, definitely. As I mentioned earlier in my weaknesses, I've actually been called out on the fact that I don't act with common sense at times. I love to read, and I know a lot of odd facts and random pieces of information. I tend to surprise people when I play trivia games or know the answer to a really out-there question.
Logical or Impulsive?: It can depend on the situation, but I think I tend to be more logical/cautious overall since I'm always worrying about things anyway.
Emotional or Stoic?: This really depends on what's going on around me. At times, I probably come across as if I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions probably show quite a bit in my face, eyes, or body language even if I don't vocalize them...but I can be very stoic, numb, and almost detached in certain instances as well, especially when something really traumatic or sad happens (such as in the past when a loved one has passed away).
Fun or Business?: I'd prefer doing something fun all and all, but if there was something that was really important that I had to do I’d prioritize that first.
Listener or Speaker?: I prefer to listen mostly, unless I really think that there’s something that needs to be said.
Alone or With a Group?: I tend to like working by myself a lot of the time simply due to my more introverted personality...but I'm not against working with a group (especially if I felt that the group "leader" was more experienced and capable than I was, and I didn't have an issue with their intended goal). There can be merits to solo work as well as teamwork since a well-functioning team could probably accomplish a lot more together than alone--it would just really depend on the team itself and the situation at hand.
Trusting or Cynical?: Trusting, probably. I have my cynical moments (especially if it's about a situation that seems really odd or if someone has done things that were untrustworthy repeatedly before), but overall I try to be forgiving or believe in the best in others.

When it comes to dealing with challenges, you tend to...: Haha, at first I'd probably complain about said challenges mentally for a few moments and secretly hope they'll sort themselves out. Afterwards (since that normally doesn't work too well, lolz XD), I'd try to approach them in a thoughtful fashion--figuring out a plan to best overcome the challenges. If what I'm doing doesn't seem to be making much of a dent...I'd get frustrated, take a few minutes to recollect my thoughts, and try again from a different angle or perspective. Trying to remain patient and figure out how to deal with things is usually the approach I tend to like the most with challenges when I deal with them, at any rate.
Would you ever hold onto an item for sentimental purposes even if you had no use for it?: Yes, I've done that a few times in the past if I have fond memories attached to a certain object. :D
What color do you associate with yourself and why?: Hmm...I'm not sure. Maybe a pale yellow? Doesn't always stand out and can be a little faded in a way, but there's still a warmth there. :)
What are your views on the world?: It's something beautiful. The world itself is its own living entity in a way, and something that I think we often take for granted. It is neither good nor bad, but simply is. Without it, none of us would be here. There's a powerful, awe-inspiring beauty to nature. I can understand why the world is often associated with the spiritual, and with healing and nurturing as well.
...How about humanity as a whole?: I think that there are good and bad aspects of human nature...and that, more often than not, a combination of both exists in everyone. What one considers "wrong" or "right" can often change depending upon one's perspective of a situation or the world in general. I’d like to believe that most people are simply trying to live their lives in peace though, and aren’t out for one another’s blood.
Which virtue do you admire most (in either yourself or others) and why?: ...I suppose that three that I most admire are love, kindness, and hope. It takes a lot of strength to show all three of these traits sometimes and I really admire those who are able to hold onto them even when things get really, really hard in life. Determination and courage are also two other virtues that I greatly admire, especially in others since I'm not exactly the most outgoing person on the planet, and I have some issues when it comes to self-confidence myself. I tend to really admire people who don't give up in the face of adversity and work to overcome that and/or improve themselves. People who do what they feel is the right thing despite any hardships that might bring their way, and those who are willing to stand up for their beliefs or for the sake of someone else also really just impress and inspire me.

Are there any characters for this theme that you DO NOT want to get stamped as? If so, list them here (you can only pick up to 2!): Not really. I like most of the characters, and they're all so extreme and/or quirky that I'm just more curious to see who I might get votes for! :)
Anything else you'd like to add?: I was going to do Batman: The Animated Series for my next theme here...but I've fallen in love with Red vs. Blue, so I couldn't resist applying for it first (thank you to everyone who suggested it for a theme here, by the way...we wouldn't have gotten curious about a really amazing series if it wasn't for you guys! ♥). I have to agree with Breyzy's random thoughts on her application too: Caboose and Donut are LOVE and probably some of my favorite characters from just about anything. ♥ And Grif and Simmons are totally married...yep-yep! XD ♥

You must VOTE on all unstamped applications before applying! Please link to them below (or you can say "Done!" if you prefer):
~DONE! :)
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Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: I'm grateful for these daysbreyzyyin on January 17th, 2013 08:17 pm (UTC)
I could see a few different options working for you: Washington (during the beginning, anyways), Donut, Delta, North Dakota, Flowers, Theta, and York. I'm kind of torn between Donut, North, and Theta...but, I kind of think I'm leaning more towards Theta overall (although it is *really* close between him and North). I definitely think Theta fits for your personality description: he tries to see the good in everyone, incredibly shy/withdrawn, naïve, and can be stubborn. He's honestly probably more Lawful/Neutral Good alignment than most of the characters in the cast would be...and the ISFP personality type and The Loyalist certainly seem to describe him. I think your Golden Compass Daemon Test result fits really well for Theta as well. Your overall Positive/Negative Traits definitely fit for Theta: caring, observant, creative, playful, polite, understanding, shy, anxious, daydreamer, and naïve. Theta also isn't the type to like unnecessary fights and people who are intentionally cruel to others either. How others would describe you definitely fits for Theta: North definitely views him as someone who needs to be protected, he's timid, can be playful/enthusiastic, polite (though socially awkward), creative, understanding, nervous, a worrier, and nice.

I can see Theta a lot in your "ARE YOU MORE..." section answers. Theta is also more of a follower, but he can voice his thoughts to North too. Admittedly, your Emotional/Stoic answer makes me think more of North, but I do see Theta in pretty much most of the other answers. Theta tends to act more childish; in-between calm/hyper; more of an optimist/idealist at heart (with a little bit of a realistic perspective too given his role as an AI); extremely shy; persistent sometimes but agreeable in others; more logical/cautious; he likes fun but prioritizes business when he has to; prefers to listen; likes working by himself but clearly likes working in a group with North too; and trusting. Theta would approach most problems in a thoughtful fashion too...and he's sentimental as well. I can actually see Theta a lot in your color association answer ("Maybe a pale yellow? Doesn't always stand out and can be a little faded in a way, but there's still a warmth there"). Theta also shares your views on humanity/the world...and the traits you admire are definitely traits Theta admires as well given his relationship with North. XD
☢Name not found.: fo: jkhksflkjsflkdsthe_404_error on January 20th, 2013 06:45 pm (UTC)
To be honest, I've never even heard of this before this theme. Theta's description does seem to fit very well. He's described as shy and reserved, but also quite playful and observant. It seems like he's always willing to observe and learn, which fits with some of your positives and interests. The loyalist description seems to fit him well, as does the Golden Compass test, ISFP (especially considering the observant and creative / reserved mix), and the Lawful Neutral Good split. He seems like more of a follower, and the type to listen more than speak. I can see him viewing the world that way more so than most of the options as well.