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16 January 2013 @ 01:50 pm
{Theme} Red vs. Blue--> Character List, Part 2  
This is the second part of the character list for the Red vs. Blue Theme!


"Well, as the Director always says, it is important to have ambition."
Artificial Intelligence Program Sigma was developed for the Special Operations program Freelancer, originally assigned to Freelancer Agent Carolina but was given to Agent Maine in order for him to communicate. Sigma is a fragment of the Alpha AI, specifically the Alpha's ambition and creativity. Aside from being the creative aspect of the Alpha's personality, Sigma has shown himself to be a very cunning and manipulative AI whose behavior has, on multiple occasions, put his fellow AI fragments and other Freelancers at general unease. Using his influence over agent Maine, Sigma convinced him to become the Meta as well as hunt down his fellow Freelancers and their AI fragments in order to recreate the Alpha. Due to the fact that this led to the deaths of numerous Project Freelancer personnel as well as the Project's subsequent shutdown, Sigma can be considered one of the primary antagonists of the Recollections and easily one of the most dangerous individuals overall. Even before the events of the Recollections, Sigma was shown to be a very dangerous AI. He expressed an immense interest in achieving Metastability, in which an AI can theroretically be 'considered human', no doubt foreshadowing his future actions. He (along with Gamma) also convinced agent Carolina that agent Texas was not as good of a Freelancer without Omega (who he said was the most powerful of the AI fragments) and was responsible for the implantation of her two AI and mental breakdown, showing that he has no remorse for his former implantee. While not showing outright disobedience during his time at Project Freelancer, Sigma has disregarded the protocols set for AI units. During the battle at the Longshore Shipyards, he freely communicated with Delta despite said protocols; later when he, Gamma and Omega were harvesting the Alpha's personality fragments, at the Director's orders, Omega and Gamma logged off without incident while Sigma stored himself in a nearby surveillance camera to secretly witness the next phase. Interestingly, Sigma tries to justify his actions like how the Director does with the Chairman. His goal in life is to achieve metastability, which, to quote the Halo wikis, is the "theoretical fourth stage of rampancy, where an AI can finally be said to be a true 'person.'" However, given how he goes about achieving this, it's hard to feel sympathetic. He fits into The Chessmaster and The Corrupter categories given his actions throughout the story.

Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons
"You're both an excellent leader and an attractive man, sir!"
Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons serves as the level-headed, straight man of the Red Team. He is a compulsive sycophant towards Sarge, despite the latter's psychopathic and frequently delusional leadership. During Season 4 Simmons is shown to be very self-conscious and in Episode 54, Simmons claims that he can mentally multiply any two large numbers, and gives an incorrect answer when tested, but maintains an air of confidence in doing so. Simmons is shown to be quite intelligent, much like a stereotypical nerd. He was also quite hateful towards his teammates at first, except Sarge, which causes Grif to call him a "kiss-ass". As the series progressed, however, Simmons began to treat his fellow teammates, and sometimes the Blues, with the greatest concern, respect, and compassion than most others; like friends or even family members. Simmons is also one of the most logical and intellegent characters in the series but seems to have a large ego, although he does maintain a high level of confidence while doing so. He also seems to be very self-conscious, as he considers suicide after Sarge demotes him, runs back to Blue base to cry after Church calls him a know-it-all to his face in Episode 70, only uses his own toliet at home, and usually seeks approval from several characters in the series. It's also shown that despite having different personalities, Simmons and Grif have the same curiosity and ideas, such as the reason they were sent to Blood Gulch is pointless in Season 1 or when Grif tempted him about using the armor enhancements in Revelation. Sarge's right-hand man and suck-up extraordinaire, though an incident involving Sarge being incorrectly declared dead showed how quickly this loyalty evaporates once an opportunity for promotion arises. Simmons attempts to be the voice of reason with regard to Sarge's (frequently insane) plans, with little success. For one, Sarge is too out there, for two, Simmons is too sycophantic to truly qualify as "sane". Simmons forms a comic duo with Grif, though has expressed a disturbing eagerness to sacrifice his friend in an effort to gain favor with Sarge. After Lopez defected and Grif needed an organ donor, Simmons was upgraded to a cyborg by Sarge and will occasionally answer to "Simmons 2.0." Simmons isn't much use in combat, as his main skills are computer programming, memorization of tedious Red Team procedures and regulations, and kissing Sarge's ass. During Reconstruction, he attempts to stall for time during he and Grif's execution by forcing his teammates to look up an obscure subsection, while at Command he hacks into the Blue Army records and deletes them at Sarge's order, resulting in a "victory" for the Reds. However he does have a tendency to be the gunner any time Grif drives the Warthog. As of Season 4, he no longer instantly sucks up to Sarge. He'll still usually go along with it, but he'll grumble if The Plan is particularly insane, even when it doesn't directly threaten his life. Then comes Recreation, where he's more openly critical of Sarge's leadership. Arguably the most rational member of Red Team, next to Lopez, he also possesses astute knowledge of computer technology and physics. But to a fault, it's made him more than a little arrogant, which does tend to blind his rationality. Simmons would love to be The Spock of the series...but his own emotional, psychological hang ups get in the way. He constantly tries to put on a face of order and discipline, along with a satisfaction with his surroundings, but is very depressed about his life deep down. Simmons might have psychological problems, due to the fact he punches mirrors when he cries, wanting Sarge to call him son, and threatening anyone he'll kill them if they some how annoy him. He also suffers from ophidophobia, the fear of snakes. If someone says something odd then Simmons will ask if they want to talk about it. His arguments with Grif are akin to those of an Old Married Couple (as Tucker describes them being)...which turns out to be a fairly accurate depiction of their actual relationship according to the creators of the show.

Private Kaikaina Grif, a.k.a. "Sister"
"You know how circuses have a bearded lady and a fat lady? Well, my Mom plays both 'cause she's, like, super-talented."
Private Kaikaina Grif, also known as Sister, is the younger sibling of Dexter Grif. She is a Blue Team member who is color blind and has a lack of intelligence, a factor many of the main cast have noticed. Grif's little sister, who joined the army in order to reunite with him, since she was lonely and scared after he left. Being colorblind and more than a little stupid, she joined Blue Team by mistake. She tagged along with the Reds upon arriving (and landing on Donut), in the process convincing them that Sarge was dead and Simmons should be promoted, until her true affiliation was revealed and Grif handed her off to the Blues before Sarge shot her. Roughly as lazy and useless as her brother, Sister's main purpose seems to be to embarrass Grif, whether through off-hand references to her promiscuous personal life, revealing the family's freak-show roots, or unintentionally televising her routine physical. As of Reconstruction, she is the only Blue remaining at Blood Gulch, where she uses the base to host raves for five bucks a head (in one memorable night, making ten dollars). Lopez claims to have killed her. However, Grif doesn't believe this, claiming she's Made of Iron and has Super Not Drowning Skills. The credibility of Grif's assertion is much stronger considering he makes it out alive right after he survives an eight hundred foot drop with seemingly no ill effects. The revelation of Tex's gender after Sister calls "him" a badass "and kinda hot" does nothing to change her opinion, except that she corrects her use of pronouns. Sister is also known amongst members of the canyon for her stupidity. Grif has noted that she was kicked off the cheer-leading squad three times in High School for rooting for the wrong team, and Simmons and Grif told her they were Blue almost immediately after they told her they were Red, and she just cheered for the Blues. When Wash came to visit the Canyon in Reconstruction, she thought he was a cop despite his protests and assumed asking a police officer if they were and they had to tell them was a law. She also assumed that because Wash knew it wasn't a law, he must be a cop. A running gag involves Sister saying something incredibly strange: about 90% of the things she says are responded to with the line "Yeah... wait, what?"

Agent South Dakota
"I always thought being a twin was a hard thing. Everyone always finds a way to put you together. It's like you're not considered two people. Even when we were kids, our parents dressed us alike, and when we joined up and got sent to the program, they stuck us together. People thought we were special somehow I suppose. I used to hate that. All I ever wanted was to have my own life. And here I am now, just wondering how I'm gonna live without him."
Freelancer Agent South Dakota, often referred to as simply South, was an agent in the Special Operation's program Project Freelancer, as well as the Special Operations Recovery Unit, with her call sign being Recovery Two. South and her twin brother North, were part of an experiment to see how one agent who did not receive an AI would react to being partnered to another soldier who did have an AI. Unfortunately, because she was in the implantation group behind Washington, she did not receive an AI. The result was South's obvious jealousy and treachery towards her brother and stealing the Delta AI. South Dakota's personality is an exact opposite of her brother's calm and compassionate nature. Unlike him, she tends to be very overconfident, and rushes things during the mission at the Bjordnal Cyrogenics Research Facility. She also has a highly competitive nature. South is very rude, unfriendly, and very similar to a brattish child. She constantly complains about her lack of an AI, is openly hostile to everyone around her, and doesn't seem to take other people's feelings into consideration. However, she does seem to care for her brother, being visibly horrified when he is critically wounded; is shocked when York is badly injured; and is somewhat playful around her colleagues, specifically Wash who she teased after he assumed Tex was a man; and she attempts to calm C.T. when she claims she's worried about the mission. South also seems to have a very sadistic style of fighting, as she tends to prolong her adversary's pain before eliminating them, as shown in "The Twins." She shoots one Insurrectionist in the leg when she could have easily hit his head, hyperextends another's knee, and crushes the head of a third into a nearby locker. South and North, being brother and sister, are depicted showing some level of kindness to each other (North pushing South out of a firing turret's way and South shouting out his name after he is shot). However, South's jealousy of North owning an AI ultimately led her to placing her brother in a position to be killed by the Meta. When South was a child she seemed to have trouble sleeping, so her father had to drive her around until she went to sleep. By her own admission as she was escaping Bjørndal Cyrogenics, South hates flying, as seen when she was very disoriented on the evac ship, in "Evacuation Plan." She's constantly having to have things explained to her, but she is one of the best Freelancers. Her opinion of the AI's is that they are Just A Machine, which she has no problem expressing even when they are in the same room. Sure, she betrayed North because she didn't get an AI herself, but that doesn't mean she would've bonded with an AI in the same way North did with Theta. Season 10 casts new light on her betrayal of North and Wash in the present day. Instead of simply being a random sociopathic person, it turns out she actually had legitimate, long-standing grievances against both Wash and North: Wash for having a meltdown that lead to the shutdown of the project, and North for siding with Tex over her. Although the fact she waited several years to get back at them, and did so in the most homicidal manner possible, still doesn't speak all that well of her mental stability.

Agent Texas (Tex)
"I wouldn't say I'm mean. I just get paid to do mean things."
Freelancer Agent Texas (her real name is Allison), also known as Tex for short, is a mercenary, but is most often affiliated with Blue Team despite not being an official member. She is an infiltration expert and more competent than both teams combined. Tex is contracted to support the Blues after Church's death and proceeds to terrify Tucker and Caboose while leading a one-woman assault on Red Base. Unfortunately, a prodigious grenade toss by Donut kills her, but she returns as a ghost some time later, inhabiting a robot body in a manner similar to Church. This experience mellows Tex out somewhat, as it frees her from the influence of her AI partner O'Malley - though by no means is she someone you should make angry. Tex hangs out with the Blues when she isn't off on her own, usually attempting to foil O'Malley or Wyoming's plans, but as the series progresses she gets more and more entangled in the plots surrounding the dupes at Blood Gulch. Plenty of unanswered questions surround Tex, and Reconstruction has only added to them. Her relationship with Church was also unresolved: according to Church they were very nearly married, but Tex had a habit of stealing from him and sleeping with other men, so they parted less than amicably. As to her eventual fate, it should be noted that Revelation is pretty much chock full of reveals and spoilers about her character! Her back story and previous relationship with fellow Blue Team member Church are key elements in the plot. There are three common themes with Tex's character. The first theme is attitude: the fact that Tex is generally regarded as mean is played on at various times throughout the series: when Tucker presses the issue by saying she enjoys being mean, Tex brushes it off, claiming it's important to enjoy what one does. Even the AI program touches on her aggressiveness; when she narrates her flashback to the event in "Out of Mind", she claims that the AIs were designed to make the subjects faster, stronger, or in Tex's case, "just plain meaner". Although at the end of the day she is a good person Tex is incredibly ruthless, to the point where it is a legitimate fear that she would kill those who piss her off. The second theme is payment: as a Freelancer, she will jump at any task if the price is right, no matter how simplistic the task may be or how small the cost (she was eager to tear off Grif's arm when Tucker offered her $10 to do so). For Tex, money is her primary motivation to get tasks done. When the Alien's team depart the fortress, Church and Tex remain behind, until Church explains that quests usually result in a reward of some kind, at which point he turns around and finds her gone. The third theme is sexuality: although she was the only female in the group at the time, so that might be the real reason. She's one of the only people who can take the Meta on alone, and only lost because of her in-built character flaw. Despite their rocky relationship, Tex does care about Church and is heartbroken when it appears he doesn't recognize her. While she's never exactly calm, she's shown to be much more brutal when an opponent gains an upper hand. Her primary motivation later in the series is to find out who she is, what she is, and what purpose she has in the human world. When nothing is on the line, she'll kick the crap out of anyone with ease, but when doing some sort of mission or in some danger, she'll mess up at the last moment...but that's because failure is actually her defining character trait (as explained by Epsilon). During her days with the other Freelancers, Tex is selfish, greedy, ruthless, very violent and doesn't care about her teamates (or ex-teamates): she only focuses on her objective. This attitude led to some very harsh moves, although it is heavily implied that her attitude is more due to Omega than to her herself. She's actually pretty nice once she shuts him down for a while. Tex is distant and standoff-ish to the rest of the Blue Team, but in time she grows fond of them. She even referred them as "her idiots." It is also implied that Tex is a Yaoi Fangirl.

The Alien
"Blarg Blarg Blarg Honk"
Also known as "Crunchbite", "Crouchasaurus", "Fluffy, the Alien Who Only Loves", and "Honk-Honk" (which may be his real name, but probably not as this is immediately dismissed by Church). The Alien first appears at the end of Season 3 and into Season 4. It is an Elite in blue armor, but never identified as a Covenant. He speaks in blargs and honks, which are only understood by Andy. He is referred to as Crunchbite by Caboose after he bit him, but no one actually figures out what his real name is. An alien who gets off on the wrong foot with Blue Team by scaring Church right out of his robot body, and then pounding Tucker into the ground after the latter recovers an alien-built sword, binding it to him. The Alien then proceeds to browbeat the Blues into helping him on his quest to save his people, which apparently involved using the sword to unlock a spaceship. The next step is unknown, as Wyoming proceeded to blow the Alien out of the sky. Besides complaining about the Alien's odor or inability to speak English, Tucker commented that the creature was always standing over him when he woke up, which leads us to Junior.

The Counselor
"We have safeguards for the unstable emotional patterns of an artificial intelligence. Sometimes these algorithms fail. [...] We prefer to think it's nobody's fault."
The Counselor is a high ranking member of Project Freelancer. The apparent head psychologist of Project Freelancer, who seems to serve as the Director's right-hand man of sorts, and as a liaison between the Director and both the Freelancers and especially non-Freelancer soldiers. Talks in an Armchair Psychology tone pretty much all the time. It seems to irritate the Director and creep out everyone else. His expression rarely changes from being bland and calm even when there's a catastrophe going on, and his voice never does. Part of his job is putting good spins on the various horrors of Project Freelancer. Best seen when the Director is barking orders through an intercom to a rogue agent. There's the sound of a scuffle and then the Counselor is on the mike, wording the request much more pleasantly. While he's probably the one person who most closely assists the Director with his massively unethical acts, he at least voices objections whenever the Director does something particularly dangerous, cruel, or just plain crazy. The Director always overrules him, and ultimately he always goes along with it, though. He's rather sociopathic as well: despite his Only Sane Man attitude, the Counselor thinks nothing of blowing up the state of Florida and sinking it into the sea just to make Agent Florida an Un-Person. While he is a therapist...he's only there to study and manipulate the Freelancers and AIs into doing what the Director wants, not to make them feel better.

The Director
"It is an undeniable and may I say fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable."
The ruthless and secretive Director of Project Freelancer, and one of the narrators of the Reconstruction series. In an effort to improve the combat effectiveness of soldiers during the war, the "good doctor" had the idea to implant Artificial Intelligences into the minds of special agents. As can be seen from those characters, the results were unstable at best and the project collapsed. Once the Meta starts collecting AIs, a UNSC oversight sub-committee begins inquiries into the Director's actions and the results of Project Freelancer. The Director resents such intrusions, as he maintains that he only did what had to be done for humanity to win the war (even though it was a complete failure). At the very end of Reconstruction, in Red vs Blue's greatest Wham Episode, the Director's true name is revealed and his very surprising connection to Church explained. The Director has a Cajun accent, by the sounds of things, though lacking any of the stereotypes. He's considered a major jerkass despite his pitiable bakstory: allowed his soldiers to use live ammunition in a training exercise, and praised the guys that did so, regardless of the obvious risks involved. He also had the Mother Of Invention fire a Wave Motion Gun at an enemy ship with an agent and Artificial Intelligence inside the room being fired on, without so much as a warning. He also isn't opposed to torturing a clone of himself, abusing his own daughter, and Mind Raping others. He's the Big Bad of the series, and the actual mastermind who sets everything up. The Director's anger, cynicism, vitriol, underhandedness, irritability, self-loathing and obsession with Tex aren't played for laughs. He's not at all fazed by the prospect of karma finding him: ironically, while he's never directly punished for his actions, he is shown to be quite miserable on his own.

"I don't know. There's so many of them. And they're so... big."
Artificial Intelligence Program Theta was an AI designed for the Special Operations program Freelancer, originally assigned to Freelancer North Dakota. He was able to run North Dakota's enhanced motion tracker, and, by extension, his Domed Energy Shield. As Recovery Command was aware that North still had possession of Theta, it can be assumed that Theta was similar to the Delta AI, in that it was not deemed dangerous and removing it from North was not necessary. Theta was stolen by the Meta when he killed North. Theta is a fragment of the Alpha AI, specifically the Alpha's trust. Theta was given to North Dakota due to his caring nature being able to handle Theta's timid personality. Theta appeared to view other A.I. as his siblings, and stated that he had a sister. This trait is also displayed by Sigma, who addresses Delta as his "brother". He has a very shy and child-like demeanor and voice to match. North seems to treat him like a proud daddy would treat his son. He is slightly nervous around others, loves skateboarding virtually, and is outright adorable. Rather than pay attention during the AI class, he's playing around with a skateboard. Though to be fair, the class seems to be more for the Freelancers themselves. Very capable of badass battle strategy and calculations. Very ridiculously cute. Theta is very innocent: he knows about the true nature of the AI fragments, but doesn't realize what it is. His role as a Child Soldier is the darker, more disturbing flipside of Theta's Badass Adorable qualities. Theta is shy and lovable, which throws the utter creepiness of his origins into even sharper relief. He can be somewhat klutzy: he is shown in episode 6 of season 10 having a hard time balancing on a holographic skateboard. His shyness comes into play when interacting with others: he tries to hide behind North when being shown to Wash and the others. He only really speaks freely to Delta and North. Theta seems to have the personality and behavior of that of a young child: being shy, kind, and curious about things. He is very compliant when it comes to obeying North's commands, and easily scared...as North says he would get frightened if he pulls him out to sleep. Theta also displayed a factor of pride, when he successfully helped North guide a "hail mary" during the attack at the Longshore Shipyards.

Private First Class Lavernius Tucker
"Hey, the box is there for a reason. I like thinking inside of it. I feel safe in there."
Smart-aleck, sarcastic, rude, prone to juvenile humor and obsessed with women, Tucker has many characteristics of an unruly teenager. Like Grif, he has an extreme aversion to combat and work, and often complains and tries to stall when ordered into battle. Although he sometimes lacks prudence and common sense, Tucker has become somewhat smarter as the series has progressed. In Season 3, when Simmons, Sarge, Caboose and Grif try to tell him that the present is destroyed and they're in the future because Church was facing forwards when the bomb went off, Tucker pointed out that we're always in the present and that you can only face forwards. He has conceived a few decent plans and enjoyed a couple of heroic moments. Second-in-command (it was either him or Caboose) and often clueless Bumbling Sidekick to Church, Tucker is the longest-serving of the surviving Blues at Blood Gulch. As disinclined towards work or combat as Grif (he's actually the highest-ranking Blue as a Private First Class, but is happy to let Church take the reins), he repeatedly claims to be a "lover, not a fighter," and utters his Catch Phrase at the first sign of a Double Entendre. He's somewhat juvenile in personality, offering lame pick-up lines to any females he isn't terrified of. He called dibs on Capt. Flowers' blue-green armor when the former died of an aspirin overdose. Tucker may or may not be black, and is quick to point out this shouldn't matter. Despite his reluctance to fight, Tucker's a great shot due to his keen eyesight (which developed because Church always hogs the sniper rifle). Tucker's role in the plot is increased after he accidentally learns the secret about Red and Blue Command, prompting the hiring of Wyoming to assassinate Tucker before he can spread the news. After the "time travel" incident, Tucker stumbles upon an alien sword that can then only be wielded by him, supposedly proving he is "the chosen one" destined to save an alien race. This results in a failed quest, a dead alien, and Tucker's "impregnation" which culminates in Junior. In Recreation, he cements his role as the series' default Lancer (and Season 7's temporary Hero) by taking on a group of heavily armed Marines, Elites and a Freelancer by himself. Quite possibly the most badass member of the Blood Gulch Crew, along with Sarge. Compared to the nigh-superhuman Freelancers, Tucker's relatively weak, despite the training he received after The Blood Gulch Chronicles. But he's still leagues above the Blood Gulch veterans and even UNSC Marines. He is more or less the "normal" guy on the Blue Team in Blood Gulch. His onscreen success rate with women is very low, though not for lack of effort. He is chosen for the quest with the "Great Weapon" by the Alien. Subverted for the most part, in that the real quest was his impregnation by the Alien...though it is played straight in Season 7, with him being an ambassador between aliens and humans. By the time Season 10 rolls around, Tucker is a Master Swordsman. He is The Lancer to Church's Hero: starting from his takedown of Wyoming, Tucker gradually develops into the series' default Lancer by virtue of being the most badass non-Freelancer in the entire show. Due to having his Cool Sword, Tucker is immune to the memory-erasure effects of traveling back in time. He's also a Spanner in the Works: he figures out how to counter Wyoming's time-looping ability, prevents C.T. from breaking into the Sandtrap temple, wipes out half of C.T.'s army single-handed and destroys C.T.'s jeep during a chase scene. Tucker claims to be a pacifist during his quest in The Blood Gulch Chronicles, even outright stating he didn't want to kill a monster. He seems to have given this up when he realized that he is the only person who can stop Wyoming's time loops. He is Vitriolic Best Buds with Church, Caboose, and the Reds (particularly Grif). He is something of an Action Mom in regards to his relationship with Junior, and he is actually very affectionate and caring towards his son...becoming extremely aggressive when Junior is kidnapped.

"Chill dude, take a chill pill. If you don't have a chill pill, take a chill strip - put it on your tongue, it dissolves. Chill."
Vic is a sardonic and frequently unhelpful communications officer, acting as the Red and Blue Team's contact at Command. Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective technical support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice and biting insults. He can be quite inappropriate, at one point forcing Doc into a lengthy conversation about Vic's sterility in Episode 34. Burnie Burns notes that Vic was portrayed as over-the-top annoying from Episode 20 so the character would be memorable to viewers. Serving as Mission Control for both Red and Blue teams (a secret he tries to have Tucker assassinated to protect), Vic is more like an unhelpful tech support guy than an actual asset. Vic's intelligence reports provide helpful information like the location of the enemy team's base (the other side of the canyon), the number of enemies (3 or 4), and the location of the team's own base. His directives usually run along the lines of "try to win extra hard," and he mostly provides just enough help to keep the hijinks in Blood Gulch continuing. When Doc contacts him for assistance, Vic goes off on a long tangent about his vasectomy, and has a habit of being unavailable just when his help would be most useful. Duplicity and secrets surround Vic - though supposedly sterile, after the "time jump" the two teams meet "Vic Jr.," a "descendant" of Vic's with a suspiciously identical personality and appearance, as well as the same post. Absolutely nothing is different between Vic Junior and Vic Senior, right down to the voice, appearance and post, so chances are that it was the same guy trying to maintain credibility to both teams by disguising himself as a relative. Dude seems as genuinely incompetent as any other Red or Blue simulation soldier out there. Subverted in Season 8 with the revelation that the whole time-travel thing was a training scenario, meaning Vic was posing as his own descendent. During the end of the series, Vic also attempts to get both teams underground so they'll be captured and O'Malley's scheme will succeed - and in one of the endings, expresses great anger that the Reds and Blues ruined "the plan." His fate during Reconstruction is unknown, though some fans have pointed out that one of the Meta's AIs appears as an unarmored human that bears a compelling resemblance to Vic... It is implied - through Simmons interrupting Sarge's and Vic's conversation in the caves, and through the alternate ending of Episode 100 in which Sarge destroys the computer and damages Vic's heat sink - that the computer console in the cave system is Vic. It seems likely that Vic is some sort of VI - a Virtual Intelligence Computer, as it says at the bottom of the display - designed to watch over the training simulation and generate scenarios and give resources and intel when necessary. The reason why he kept trying to get Tucker assassinated once he found out that Vic is a VI and that he acts as Mission Control for both teams. Naturally, Vic always failed at it, while Tucker always got harmed in some form anyway. Although he's presumably a VI designed to oversee the training simulation on Blood Gulch, generate combat scenarios, and selectively give out resources, supplies and Intel for the crews, his selective competence and willful demeanor make him seem like he's just another rather ineffective cohort for O'Malley, and that he joined likely because he found it fun to work with a rogue AI. His apparent job seems solely to drag out the simulation training for as long as possible, hence at least part of the reason why he never helps when needed (the other being his rather willful persona). Being the tech assistant to both teams, Vic attempts to get the protagonists underground so they'll be captured, allowing O'Malley's scheme to succeed. Didn't work out as accurately as they planned. He fits into the trope of the Mysterious Backer: even more so than the Director, since we still don't have solid facts about him - just presumptions based on conjecture.

Agent Wyoming (Reginald)
"Looks like it's your lucky day, mate. I don't have time to torture you, so I'm just going to have to kill you."
Freelancer Agent Wyoming, real name Reginald, is a ruthless bounty hunter with a British accent (his character profile on the DVD states his place of birth as "somewhere British"). Like Tex, Wyoming has been trained in the Special Operations program Project Freelancer, in which all the participants were paired with an AI and given a code name after one of the 49 American states still in existence at the time. Unknown to anyone's knowledge until late in the series, Wyoming's AI was Gamma. Wyoming has a habit of giving an insincere "sorry" to his victims just prior to killing them, but, in one instance, retracts this apology when Tex complains to him that he has destroyed what she considers her alien ship. He also is never shown getting agitated, showing no signs of annoyance when he can't spot Tucker in the group - indeed, he seems impressed. He is stated by Agent York to have a penchant for "dumb knock knock jokes," and his AI, Gamma, seems to also tell knock knock jokes, though Gamma has been seen to tell far more than Wyoming has on screen. During his carreer in Project Freelancer, he appeared to have an affinity to disobey regulations, as shown when he shot live ammo at Tex during a training session. Knows full well that in a straight fight he is not that much better than even sim troopers. He makes up the difference by using stealth, time mastery and sniper skills. Wyoming had been given a contract to kill anyone who knew that Command is Mission Control for both the Reds and Blues (i.e. Tucker). Explaining that he had purposely misled Omega to go search for Tex at Blood Gulch in the Out Of Mind miniseries, Wyoming hoped that Omega would do the work for him. Naturally, it didn't work out, so he figured that he had to get more hands-on to get the work done. He is very manipulative, best shown when he manipulates the Alien to his own ends. He kills a soldier when he felt he outlived his usefulness, as well as the Alien. It appears that several Project Freelancer soldiers admired Wyoming and had a very high respect for him, as seen in "Party Crasher," much to his chagrin. Ironically, he's the weakest Freelancer, skill-wise. He makes up for it with his time mastery... and fighting dirty.

Agent York
"I would've told her... that I understand why she did what she did. I just wish she hadn't... I wish she could've learned to let things go. I guess I should too."
Freelancer Agent New York, also codenamed Foxtrot 12 and better known as simply York, was once an agent in the Special Operation's Project Freelancer who specialized in infiltration. York was the second best Freelancer agent at one time. In his role at Project Freelancer, York was paired with the AI Delta, due to his personality being best compatible to deal with Delta's rather, "persistent" behavior. A tan and white-armored former Freelancer who turned to petty burglary after the project collapsed. York has one bad eye, due to a past incident involving him and Tex. He agrees to help Tex track down Wyoming in the Out Of Mind mini-series. Despite the injury to his eye, he still remains very competent. When he tries to bluff Tex unconvincingly, she tells him he's never been good at lying. York is nominally the team's infiltration expert, but we seem to see him having difficulty with, complaining heavily about, or outright failing to crack open the locks he comes across. He serves as The Lancer to Carolina: he plays Number 2 to her, seems to be the only one she sees as a friend, and serves as the laid-back snarker to her straight-laced 'get the job done' attitude. In addition to being a bad liar, compared to most of the other Freelancers we've seen he's genuinely quite friendly and laid-back, tries to encourage teamwork in a group that's usually made of lone wolves, and seems to have a sense of fair play/decency in a group that's often opportunistic. He also seems be the one of the few who had an actual healthy partner/friendship with his AI. He's the snarkiest third of the Nice Guy trio that he, Wash, and North seem to have going...though his snark is generally meant to be good-natured. He also seems to have been the only Freelancer who didn't Take a Level in Jerkass after Project Freelancer broke up. Amongst the rest of the Freelancers, he seems to function as the Only Sane Man along with North. In Season 9, York seems to have a preoccupation with whether or not the Freelancers are "the good guys." Interestingly, after abandoning the program, he became a thief to survive, abandoning that ideology. York is known for making philosophical statements and theories about events during episodes.

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