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16 January 2013 @ 01:49 pm
{Theme} Red vs. Blue  
Hey, everyone! Breyzy here with a new theme: Red vs. Blue, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning machinima video web series based upon the extremely popular Halo video game franchise. In the next few weeks we're going to be posting themes for some longer-running series with bigger casts, so this can be considered the first of those since the cast is huge...to be expected after ten seasons, lolz (with a Season 11 confirmed)!

RvB starts off as a spoof/parody of Halo and other video games, but it eventually develops a pretty impressive story-line and mythos. If you're a gamer, you'd probably really appreciate what RvB does (we're not really Halo fans at all, but that's not a requirement to enjoy this series!)...and if you're a fan of comedy that can actually have a really well-done plot and characterization, then this would be right up your alley too. We had a couple people request RvB on the Theme Suggestion List and some votes for it in the past poll, so hopefully you all will enjoy the theme. This is also our first true web animated series...although it is also available on DVD so maybe it doesn't count much anymore in that department, lolz.

Anyways, just a note: the dialogue in RvB isn't super work-safe, so sorry for some of the language in the descriptions (we toned it down as much as we could, lolz!). It was hard to get personality/character descriptions that didn't contain spoilers (as we had to piece these together from both the wiki and the TVTropes character page), so there are SPOILERS in them. We actually tried to take out spoilers that weren't relevant to personality, but that was kind of tricky...so, just consider this your Spoiler Warning!

Let's get started, yes? Community Rules apply for all of these themes. You can also find the application there! Just be sure to title your application with the version of the theme you're applying for. ♥ NOTE: we've decided that since LJ has been slow recently that members can apply for *TWO* themes at a time! However, you must continue to vote on the unstamped applications as stated in the rules.

The Red vs. Blue theme currently has 35 character options. Since there's so many, we're splitting it up into two parts since the descriptions are kind of big too. The first part is below, and you can find a link to the second part at the end of it.


Alt. Stamp
Private Leonard L. Church
"There's a very fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think I walk that line every day of my life."
The closest the series has to a proper protagonist, Blue Team's de facto leader serves as the Only Sane Man, Deadpan Snarker, and world champion Jerkass, although he has a nicer side. Church is a neurotic and almost perpetually angry individual who barely gets along with his teammates. He's killed in a friendly fire incident very early in the series, but quickly returns as a "ghost" and later possesses a robotic body. Despite wielding a sniper rifle and acting as the team's designated marksman, he is an awful shot, often emptying an entire clip without hitting anything (in one incident, from two feet away from his target). Over the course of the series, there has been some surprising character development that explains Church's ability to survive death and possess people. During various events involving him, Church is essentially "divided" into three characters, although they all tend to share the same base personality. Church's attitude makes him something of an Anti-Hero, and it seems as if the universe rarely gives him a break. He's not actually a moron, just incompetent and neurotic. But still, when it comes down to it, he is actually a remaining piece of a Smart AI. He's also a Determinator...as inept as he can be, Church always tries. Considers himself a born leader, and is (unoffically) in charge of Blue Team. Along with that, when the Reds and Blues work together to fight the Big Bad, he's usually the one to take charge...by virtue of simply being the least incompetent of the group. As an AI, Church is likely no more than seven years old, though his fragmentation may have stalled his rampancy. Church is very cynical and sarcastic. Nevertheless, when push comes to shove, he'll try to do the right thing. He spends the majority of Season 10 rightfully telling Carolina that she needs to let go of the past if she's ever going to be at peace with herself, yet he's still unwilling to let go of his own vendetta against the Director even when everyone else rightly points out that going after the guy won't solve anything and might get them all killed. Eventually, when Carolina herself realizes this, she just tells him what he's been telling her all this time. There are four very obvious themes associated with Church's character. The first is an angry personality: from the outset, it is established that Church is often angry. The second is leadership: One of Church's most telling characteristics is how he can take command of whatever group he's in. Although not a captain as he would like everyone to think, when Church gives out orders to the rest of his team they will usually follow him without complaint. At the end of Season 3, Church managed to get every one in Blood Gulch to agree to work together. In Reconstruction, instead of being the sole leader, Church acted as a co-leader with Agent Washington, as both give out orders during combat. Considering that his template was the leader of a military program with many soldiers, it can be assumed that Church got this trait from the Director. The third is firing accuracy: Church is a terrible shot, with no real excuse for his lack of skill, save for lack of practice. Church's accuracy with weapons tends to fluctuate from having exceptional skill to having none at all. The fourth theme is "death": being dead has sparked a number of developments in Church's character. At first, it only added to Church's irate personality. Though his abilities as a ghost have proven useful, as Church has no intention of remaining a ghost and merely focuses on maintaining his possession of his new robot body. Due to his long possession of his body, Church seems to forget that he's dead sometimes, often expressing acts of fear or self-preservation in dangerous situations as though he still had a life to lose. Church is one of the series’ few "smart" characters and is probably even above average intelligence. This may explain why he is annoyed so often at the stupidity of the idiots he must deal with, although he will find just about any good reason to dislike someone.

Agent Washington
"I've already been responsible for enough of their problems in the past, and I'll be damned before I let you cause any more."
Washington (real name David) also known as Recovery One, Prisoner 619-B, or simply Wash, is the main protagonist in his eponymous mini-series and a main character in Red vs. Blue overall. First introduced in the series' second saga, The Recollections, Washington was once a Freelancer assigned to the Special Operations Recovery Unit, where he was charged with recovering the artificial constructs of dying Freelancers. Washington is one of the most complex characters in the entire series. Starting off as the main protagonist in Reconstruction, he later becomes an antagonist alongside the Meta in Revelation. Near the conclusion of Revelation, however, he helps defeat the Meta and becomes a member of the Blue Team after Tucker and Caboose help him feign his death so that he can avoid life imprisonment and live a new life. Originally, Wash was very kind, compassionate, and obedient. He interacted very well with the other Freelancers; specifically York, North and on occasion, Carolina. His compassion and understanding led him to comfort others during times of trouble. When C.T. returned from a failed mission, Wash attempted to tell her that it wasn't entirely her fault, but was rebuked when she claimed he was just making excuses. Although he was quite naive and somewhat immature during his early career as a Freelancer, Wash could be serious when the situation required it. He wasn't afraid to voice his opinions. An example of this is when he accused Maine and Wyoming of protocol violation after York's injury to the Director. After the trauma he sustained from Epsilon's breakdown, Wash's personality took a drastic change. Now knowing about the horrors the Director inflicted on Alpha, Washington became cynical, jaded and somewhat cold-hearted. His interaction with other soldiers or A.I units was cold and professional, limited only to tactical input and vital information about missions. He showed little remorse when he discovered his friends had been killed (Though he did attempt to comfort South for the loss of her brother, albeit barely letting her have any time with him). Wash has little tolerance for disloyalty; a prime example was when he expressed his desire for retribution against South's betrayal, as well as threatening to kill Carolina if she hurt his friends. He was extremely ruthless in completing his objectives, whether it be revenge or freedom, unhesitantly killing South, executing Lopez, and shooting Donut. Washington was also callous, killing the Alien survivors of C.T's dig team along with the Meta out of anger and impatience. Though he was still capable of some kindness, helping the Reds and Blues escape from Command whilst telling them to be careful and treating Caboose with care, despite his immense stupidity. He comes to care for the Reds and the Blues, showing fierce loyalty towards them and seeing them as friends worth protecting. After Carolina threatens Tucker, Wash draws the line and, in turn, threatens her at gunpoint. He feels responsible for the problems he caused them in the past and wants to prevent more from happening to them.

"Hey, you can't make an omelet without blowing up a few eggs."
Andy is a rude, foul-mouthed bomb (the same bomb used in Halo multiplayer) that was built by Tex from parts from a protocol unit and "some other personal items" (according to him) to blow up and kill O'Malley. Due to O'Malley's base locking down after his placement inside, he was about to blow up most of the Blood Gulch crew, but Church asked Gary/Gamma to deactivate it, saving their lives. It was then revealed that the bomb could talk and was named Andy. Andy has a short fuse (literally and figuratively), likes to insult people, and finds humor in the misfortunes of others. He also likes to blow stuff up. When Tex threatens to detonate him, he reacts with fear (though it may be because he wouldn't do much damage if detonated at that particular time). Andy gains a new role when it is revealed that he is the only one who can understand the alien language. Later, Sarge kidnaps Andy and has him translate the orders from Vic stored in Lopez (which could only be played back in Spanish).

Private Michael J. Caboose
"The last time I was shot I got a purple heart. Yeah, I hope this time I get a purple lung. You see, eventually I hope to build an entire purple person. And we will be best friends."
Caboose is portrayed as one of the most eccentric characters in the series. Consistently shown to be mentally abnormal, his behavior varies from merely somewhat dim-witted in Season 1 to almost completely divorced from reality by Season 3 and onwards. His unusual behavior frequently earns him the scorn and disrespect of the other characters. Caboose, who accidentally enlisted in the Blue Army after mistaking a recruitment center for a college, was introduced as The Fool, but devolves into a complete idiot. As his name suggests, he is the last to arrive at any train of thought's destination. Occasional journeys into his mind have revealed that Caboose's view of the world is at drastic odds with reality - he has mental constructs representing the rest of the cast running around inside of his head, ranging from a Church who vehemently insists that Caboose is his best friend, to a Sarge that talks like a pirate. Caboose is a bigger danger to his teammates than to his enemies, to the extent that the surest way to get him to shoot someone is to tell him they're on his team, and Command has a keyboard shortcut to report his teamkills (Ctrl+F+U). Caboose primarily serves as a comic relief character and gets some of the series' best lines, but he has occasional impact on the plot. After Tex's death he was briefly possessed by O'Malley (and the resulting mental trauma may explain his lowered IQ afterwards), and when the Red and Blue Teams had to work together to track down the rogue AI, he helped Sarge combat the Zealots of Battle Creek thanks in part to his superhuman strength ("God's way of compensating"). Caboose gets along (marginally) better with machines than humans, hence his "relationship" with Sheila and his friendship of sorts with Andy the bomb. And once in a great while, he has a useful idea, such as the plan that got Washington and both teams into Command near the finale of Reconstruction. In Recreation, he used various bits and pieces to try and rebuild Church. It's not often shown, but Caboose is extremely adept in combat when he's angry enough. It is very rarely shown though, to the point that Season 10 reveals he had forgotten how to get angry. Despite his many mental quirks, Caboose has been shown to possess superhuman strength and, when sufficiently angry, was able to single-handedly wipe out both the Red and Blue Battle Creek Zealots. He's also easily the best shot on the Blue Team. It just happens that he's usually shooting at the Blue Team. Far from being just plain stupid, Caboose is almost completely divorced from reality and utters many bizarre yet occasionally insightful non-sequiturs. Several of Caboose's seemingly bizarre non-sequitors have turned out to be actually correct in hindsight. Examples include his belief that Tex was a robot in Season 1, his implying that the Red and Blue teams weren't real soldiers, and his statement that "time isn't made out of lines, it is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round" nicely sums up the "time travel only lets you relive events, you can't change them" theme of the 3-part time travel episode (and the larger theme of circular memory loops later on). He's also shown a remarkably consistent and accurate understanding of Project Freelancer, the A.I.s, and the Director. While easily the dumbest member of the cast, Caboose occasionally has good ideas. It should be pointed out that he was more productive than any member of either team when he was working by himself in Valhalla. He hero worships Church and is extremely loyal. According to his voice actor, he's the only person in the series who is aware he is in a video game. Caboose seems to have a knack for getting along with machines...although noticeably his skills only seem to apply to AI, as when he tries to work on regular machinery they tend to catch fire. His usual response when he makes a mistake is to try and avoid blame.

Agent Carolina
"And when she left, she... wouldn't say goodbye to me. Instead, she always told me, "Never say goodbye." If you don’t say 'goodbye,' then you aren't really gone. You.. just aren't here right now."
Freelancer Agent Carolina is a rogue agent in the Special Operations program, Project Freelancer. She was part of an experimental program as a result of the Director of the project speeding along experiments to discover traits with aggressive AI. Carolina in particular was implanted with two AI in her head. According to Delta "she only functioned for a short time, and not very well while she did." According to the ranking board, she's the best Freelancer at the time the series starts. She is often placed in command of the other Freelancers on missions, or is used to bail out her less experienced compatriots. She only seems to treat Agent York as an equal and even speaks to him with some twinges of affection, as opposed to the coldly professional dynamic between her and the other members. She is often envious of others, a trait that is manipulated by Sigma and Gamma to cause the events that ultimately lead to Washington's breakdown and the fall of Project Freelancer. She tends to always be second best to Tex, much to her growing frustration and rage. At the end of Season 10, Carolina finally gets her long awaited chance to fight Tex one-on-one, and while she does noticeably better than anyone else who's ever tried before, it's still painfully clear she's not even Tex's equal. In Episode 21 of the same season, she finally acknowledges this. The Reds and Blues consider her a time bomb just waiting to go off, and she falls into the Anti-Hero category...however, Carolina also strongly wants to atone for her mistakes of the past. She is shown to be a very good combatant at close combat. Her pride and desire to be the best lead to immense suffering for both herself and those closest to her. In a rare case for this trope, she comes to terms with these flaws early enough to not lose her life over it, though it's a hard road for her to get there. Carolina speaks to Church of her former team and how they tore each other to pieces. It's made pretty clear that she's a very broken person under all the armor and ferocity. She started out as The Ace of the Freelancer team, but by Season 10, she's become a bitter and easily-angered soldier obsessed with revenge. And then we see elements of a Broken Bird beneath it all...and then she opens up a little to Church as well as swapping positions with Church by telling him to let go of his past and even letting go of her desire for revenge. She keeps Washington focused during missions and acted out violently to protect him when an Insurrectionist warthog had pinned him down. Carolina is an exceptional fighter, second only to the explicitly superhuman Tex. However, this apparently does not translate into leadership skill, as shown by her command of the other Freelancers in the field throughout Season 9 and 10, especially whenever Tex is involved. In Episode 10 of Season 10, her attempt to send Wyoming, the squad's sniper, into close combat against sustained minigun fire is the sort of tactical brilliance that would be worthy of Sarge. Present day Carolina doesn't even give combat orders on screen to the Reds and Blues, but her manner with them suggests she hasn't gotten that much better. Although her plans never go as planned, and her squad often becomes rather disorganized in the middle of a caper, she usually still manages to carry the day (or at least get her team out alive) by being really good at improvisation, combined with her sheer personal skill on the battlefield. In the present day, the Reds and Blues refer to her as "our mutual friend/enemy/companion, or friendenemapanion" and "a trigger-happy psychopath". In a way she's taken the same role Tex had in Blood Gulch Chronicles, with the important difference that her barely concealed desire to murder them all is much more brazen and played completely seriously. Carolina becomes noticeably warmer towards Church as the story progresses due to mutual understanding...by Episode 21 of Season 10, this kindness extends to the other Reds and Blues.

Agent Connecticut
"We don't all make mistakes. Some of us very specifically make mistakes, and others don't seem to make any mistakes at all."
Another member of the Freelancer project and a close friend of Wash's. She is suspicious of the Director and despises his ranking system technique. Therefore, she aligns herself with the Insurrection to do...something to counter the Director. Although supposedly the same CT that showed up in Recreation, Season 10 reveals that it was her boyfriend that donned her mask at the time. She is clearly combat adept and stealthy. She is something of a Combat Pragmatist: she makes extensive use of holograms in combat. It lets her land a decent hit on Tex and hold her own with Carolina for a short time. Her warnings about the Director go unheeded or even outright contradicted by fellow Freelancers, despite being completely true. She doesn't like Wash calling her 'Connie' because it makes her sound like a little kid. The Insurrectionist Leader is allowed, though, and she calls herself that to Tex in her Dead Man Writing scene. It's probable that she just doesn't like it from full-on "agents of the Director", as Wash was. She has issues because her skills aren't up to snuff with the rest of the Freelancer Elite, and hates the ranking process. She didn't actually hate Texas, and considered her a friend and someone she trusted with a copy of all of the dirt she had picked up on the Director. She's been holding back against her not-really-Insurrectionist friends. All of her appearances are in the extended flashbacks, and, even then, she greatly influences Tex after her own death.

"Confidence is one thing, but it is always prudent to prepare for failure."
Artificial Intelligence Program Delta was designed for the Special Operations program Freelancer, and was assigned to Agent New York. Delta is a main supporting character of the Out of Mind mini-series, Recovery One and Reconstruction. Delta has the ability to change color when he is alarmed or angry; whether or not this is voluntary is unknown. Delta is a fragment of the Alpha AI, specifically the Alpha's logic. Delta is one of the few constructs not removed from its host after the Epsilon incident. York's explanation to this was that Delta was not considered a risk. Delta and his behavioral patterns are a stark contrast to the rampant Omega AI. He analyzes everything with logic and reason, whereas Omega acts on impulse and insanity. However, Delta does share a trait with Omega in that he speaks longer than necessary, though not to the same extent as O'Malley. Delta developed quite the rapport with his assigner, York. This is evidenced by his refusal to leave York after being injured by Wyoming. His decision to risk deletion to comfort his host indicates a level of emotion not traditionally seen in stable AIs. To the contrary, such emotion is a sign of rampancy, as is his disobeying an order from Tex to enter her system, as well as the directive that demanded said order. He also showcases a significant degree of self-awareness and later lies to Recovery Command, another sign of rampancy. Though it would be noted that even if it is a sign of rampancy, it would not be a normal manifestation of rampancy. Delta does not appear emotionally distraught or angry at anyone. He still keeps his logic and ability to perform his task as a "strategist" in combat, so it would seem Delta may not be developing the same kind of rampancy seen in 343 Guilty Spark or Omega...more like slowly gaining a sentient consciousness, if such a thing is possible for an AI of his kind. He comments in that "good and evil are human constructs", and tends to focus on whatever produces the most logical, optimal, and courteous result. He'll do things like wish an enemy good luck, attempt to talk one into helping with a What Is Evil? speech, suggest Kick the Dog solutions, or even outright admit he might side with the enemy... while simultaneously performing acts of aid, kindness, self-sacrifice, and loyalty to his allies and bystanders as well. All with a blandly friendly, sincere, and non-malicious demeanor. He has a habit of Ludicrous Precision at times with automatic unit conversion. Also, according to York in Season 10, he finds running probabilities in his head to be fun. He is generally a Nice Guy: though he does sometimes give York a hard time, he's even nice to his supposed enemies, unless they try to sell him out personally. He falls into a Good Is Not Soft category: he coldly suggests to Washington "that we do not allow [South] to hamper our progress" (but considering she had by this point betrayed her own brother, Wash, and Delta himself, it's hard to sympathize with the victim in question). For someone who's supposed to be pure emotionless logic...he's incredibly helpful, courteous, capable of great kindnesses, and even self-sacrifice for no other reason than to care for his dying owner. He's also an incredible Gentleman Snarker. He and York love to have snarky conversations with each other, but it's based out of affection and York's naturally snarky nature.

Medical Super Private First Class Frank "Doc" DuFresne
"Well, a doctor cures people. A medic just makes them more comfortable...while they die."
Doc's armor color is purple, a combination of both red and blue, as he helps both the Red team and the Blue team. In response to increased injuries and deaths at Blood Gulch, purple-armored medic DuFresne was sent to the backwater outpost to aid both teams. His pacifism, political correctness, and incompetence quickly made him unwelcome in either base, leaving him to wander the gulch, forgotten... until Caboose's "exorcism" left the AI O'Malley without a host. The Omega was able to possess him completely, leaving Doc a passenger within his own skull, only able to talk or shout apologies for O'Malley's actions. O'Malley eventually comes to regret choosing Doc as a host, as the two end up having Gollum/Smeagol style arguments over whether or not to kill people, if their nefarious secret lair needs an answering machine, etc. When Doc is called back to Blood Gulch to deal with Tucker's "illness," O'Malley jumps ship, freeing Doc once and for all. Doc, who earned his nickname after Church declared DuFresne too hard to pronounce, hardly deserves his title. He attended (but did not pass) medical school at Jamaica State, doesn't know how his healing doodad works, and treats Caboose's foot injury by rubbing his neck with aloe vera. He earned his unique rank by sending Command a letter every day for four years asking for it. His whereabouts during Reconstruction are unknown, though when Washington asks the Reds if they know a medic, they violently answer in the negative. In the extended version, they do call him, but forget (or didn't care enough) to tell him they didn't need him anymore. He arrives to find no one there, and says to no one in particular: "You guys suck". In Revelation he is called to Valhalla by Simmons; who was coerced into calling him by Wash and the Meta. He became a hostage of Washington, but due to the Stockholm Syndrome, they develop a bit of a rapport. He denies this strongly, however. Doc is actually a pacifist, and calls himself one even while possessed by Omega, but he does manage to shoot The Meta at point-blank range with his overcharged medical scanner. Technically, it was Omega that controlled his body, but Doc still loudly apologizes for what Omega does in his body on a regular basis. He's really more of an over-the-top parody of The Heart character type, compared to Donut's more sincere version. While he says medics specialize more in bedside manner, Doc does help with some medical procedures against all common sense. He's very bad at medical advice, but somehow manages to keep both the Reds and the Blues alive. That said, he seems to be at least moderately okay about this by Season 10, when he actually manages to save someone's life with his medical training. It is revealed that Doc has more kills than any of the Blood Gulch soldiers (though this includes failure to save other lives or when he was affected by O'Malley). Doc seems sly enough to get what he wants since he appeared, such as pulling ranks on Church to save Jr.'s life, having Caboose donate his blood to Jr., and getting to see Sister naked (something Tucker couldn't do). It should be noted that these events occurred after O'Malley left Doc. Ever since O'Malley left him, Doc has become more aggressive. Despite claiming to not be experiencing any signs of Stockholm Syndrome, Doc does try to bond with Washington several times and even saves his life. Despite claming he's a pacifist, in "Reckless" Doc wanted to join the Reds and Blues in the rescue attempt and battle, even going as far as getting a rocket launcher.

Private Franklin Delano Donut
"It's not pink, it's light-ish red!"
Donut first appears in Season 1 as a new recruit, whose garrulous personality tends to annoy other members of the Blood Gulch Red Team, a group of soldiers engaged in a futuristic civil war against the Blue Team. In changing Donut's armor to pink in the latter part of Season 1, the producers made his armor color, gender, and sexual orientation a running gag, and fully developed his personality during Season 2. Red Team's rookie member with some major issues, acting as the team's Ditz. He kicks off the series' Red/Blue conflict after Simmons and Grif send him to "the store" to get some "headlight fluid." Donut accidentally wanders into Blue Base and ends up capturing their flag, prompting the Blues to call in a Freelancer and start the main plot. Originally wearing standard red armor, Donut took one of Tex's grenades to the face and had to be sent away for medical help, returning with his own lightish-red armor out of recognition for his flag capture. He has a flair for calligraphy and an appreciation of interior decorating. Although he has a surprisingly good arm when it comes to throwing grenades, as proven when he killed Tex with a precision throw from across the canyon, in most combat situations he is expected (and ordered) to run around and scream like a girl, a role he takes to with gusto. Despite his rather...unusual behavior, he managed to grenade Tex from halfway across the canyon. The fact that he was working with Tucker as an infiltration specialist implies he received some special training to perform his new job. Later, he sticks three Tex clones at once, with a single throw. Donut is usually too busy bubbling happily to notice the assorted weird and dangerous crap going on around him. He's also a horrible judge of character: from walking into the enemy base assuming it's a general store, to chatting with the the Meta under the misguided assumption it's a new recruit (and completely oblivious to the fact it's trying to kill him with a Brute Shot... which Donut thinks is a broom). Pretty much everything he says can also fall into an Innocent Innuendo/Double Entendre category. He has survived being blown up with a plasma grenade, having a ship dropped on him, and being shot through the chest. Donut is a particularly noteable example because, unlike similarly severe injuries suffered by other main characters, his injuries were treated completely seriously instead of played for laughs, at least at the time they were inflicted. He's not much of a straight-up fighter, but he's got a great grenade-tossing arm, and after Blood Gulch he was apparently recruited by Command due to his skill as an "infiltration specialist". He's genuinely considered the *true* Heart of the series and as one of the few truly sincere Nice Guys in the cast: when he's hurt, people on both the Red and Blue teams get upset.

Captain Butch Flowers
"I know you're worried about our mission, but I can tell you this: there's nothing more important to me than the safety and well-being of my men. ...Or my name, isn't Captain Butch Flowers."
Captain Butch Flowers, formerly known as Freelancer Agent Florida, was the Blue Team's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch. Blue Team's actual leader, who died before the series began, leaving Church in charge (and Tucker in his armor). Unlike everyone else in the canyon, he was quite relaxed, soft-spoken, and even-tempered. The captain was very informal with his teammates, had a Casa Lane Parenting attitude towards his subordinates (maybe a little too much, actually), and called the opposing army "those rascals." Time travel reveals that he'd been accidentally killed by Church in a Stable Time Loop, although Word Of God states that the time travel was actually just a torture scenario from Gamma for Alpha in the first place. He was raised from the dead somehow by aliens in Season 5, only to be possessed by Omega, and then re-killed shortly after regaining his freedom. It's revealed that he was actually Agent Florida and was sent to Blood Gulch to watch over the Alpha. The Season 10 finale reveals he was Agent Florida, a.k.a. the Mysterious Blue Guy. So, despite his easy-going attitude (which is shown even during his time in Freelancer), he's a legitimately skilled Freelancer agent, albeit not one of the A-list ones. In several of his appearances, he seems to be in on a lot of secrets but dies before he can reveal them. He appears to be an infiltration specialist, as he is shown working with Wyoming. As Florida he doesn't talk much, but he can take a lot of punishment and dish out some more. Florida has a poor throwing arm and wasn't one of the Freelancers on the leaderboard, yet he was crafty enough to prove his worth. As Flowers, he's known as one of the Nice Guys in the series.

Four Seven Niner
"Yeah, well, I was gonna say 'crashy'...but 'bumpy' works."
Four Seven Niner is the call sign of an unnamed pilot working for Project Freelancer. She is usually seen piloting the Freelancers for missions in the prequel section of seasons 9 and 10. During the Recollections, Four Seven Niner assists Washington through Recovery Command. She's known for being snippy and a Deadpan Snarker. She dislikes Delta for a very short time because she thinks Project Freelancer is trying to give her job to a machine, but calms down after Delta acknowledges that an AI probably couldn't replace her. Four Seven Niner constantly makes smart remarks, never seeming to be without a witty remark or retort. She seems to work fairly well with others, bantering where applicable. She has very little tolerance for others stupidity, however, and has a tendency to use insults when someone moves a box to the wrong spot and in the middle of battle has been known to shut a door in a teammate's face when said teammate was distracting her from doing her job properly. She also appears to be quite a bit calmer in the cockpit than she is outside the cockpit. When Four Seven Niner is transferred to the Recovery Force, she seems to be bitter. She does her job professionally and seems to give a great deal of trust and respect to Washington.

Artificial Intelligence Program Gamma, also known as Gary, is an artificial construct, based on Deceit, created for the Special Operations program Freelancer. Its assigned agent was Freelancer Wyoming. Encountered by the Red and Blue Teams in the form of an ancient computer built by the aliens as an expert on humans, who then proceeds to warn them about a vague prophecy. They eventually figure out that Gary is really Gamma, Wyoming's AI (the name "Gary" might appear to be a portmanteau of "Gamma" and "Reginald", but Burnie Burns has revealed the name to be that of his late cat). Gamma was evidently the personification of the Alpha AI's deceit, and is described as having removed itself from Wyoming, with potentially harmful results. In the end, they reunite during their attempt to kidnap Junior. Gamma was another one of those AIs recovered by the Meta during Reconstruction. It had a strange fondness for knock-knock jokes. Gamma comes across as polite, but that is actually a fake persona used to cover up its more evil intentions (however, this is less of a problem to his operator than to others he comes in contact with). He's something of an Evil Genius who often acts cold-blooded: the entire "time travel" aspect of Season 3 was just an instantaneous torture scenario built by Gamma for the Alpha. Despite this, he has a sense of humor...though his jokes are just corny instead of being twisted. He's extremely manipulative, being the personification of Deceit, after all. It's even worse when he and Sigma are working together. Upon splitting from the Alpha, he began torturing him alongside Sigma and Omega, and is overall malicious. However, he's rather nice around Alpha-Church while in his fake thousands of years of a Stable Time Loop, to the point of them spending a lot of time telling jokes to each other. He is also upset, saying the birth name of his operator (rather than Code Name), when said operator's last known Stable Time Loop created copy dies. Gamma, while in his holographic-projection form, seems to move with jerky, robotic movements. This can be a reference to his text-to-speech voice, which is also robotic and not very fluent at times.

Minor Junior Private Negative First Class Dexter Grif
"You realize you just doomed us to certain death just so you could insult me, right?"
Grif is the slacker of the Red Team, and a wise-cracking loud-mouth to boot. He is also Sarge's #7 man. The wisecracking loud-mouth of the Reds, Grif is self-centered, acerbic, and lazy. Despised by his teammates Sarge and Simmons, he has the lowest social and military rank on the Red Team at the series début). Although Grif's laziness does create problems for the Reds, Sarge always blames him when things go wrong, regardless of Grif's (or anyone else's) actual guilt in the matter. Grif has even admitted to being lazy. Although, when his sister arrives in Season 5, he said that although he would try to maintain his status as a good-for-nothing slacker, there was nothing stopping him from beating her up and sending her back home. With respect to personality, Grif is fairly brash and has a flair for melodrama. He is quick to make silly theories or insults, even toward people who could clearly kill him without hesitation. Physically, a lifetime with smoking and eating processed snacks has left Grif in the worst of shape for a soldier in the military. He claims that his entire diet consists of Oreos, which he is proud of since it complies with a flawed diet plan Donut was briefly a fan of. He has a paranoid fear of bats. Just about every one of Sarge's plans involves Grif being killed in some way, and most of Red Team's official emergency protocols begin by shooting Grif. Grif is suggested to be fairly intelligent, at least in the eyes of Church, but he's too much of a slacker to contribute much. A conscript, Grif sleeps through official meetings and tries to quit the army whenever he can. He's Red Team's designated Deadpan Snarker and Only Sane Man, though his apathy towards pretty much everything somewhat cancels that out. He spends much of his time bickering with his "friend" Simmons, when he isn't stealing the latter's identity and running up huge bills at pawn shops and peep shows. He began the series as the Red's Sniper, opposite Church, but as the series went on, he gradually found himself driving and piloting vehicles, culminating in driving a Pelican, untrained, with reasonably effective results. One of Grif's main traits, and most ambiguous, is the question of his intelligence. He mispronounces words like "both" and "margin." He made a sarcastic claim that he did not know what jogging is as a wisecrack comment made to enforce his slacker nature and sarcastically stated that he thought electricity was "invisible magic." Not completely clueless, however, he is also often the first one to point out the flaws in Sarge's plans; largely because many of these plans involve Grif's demise. Church mentions to Tucker that although he considers the other Reds to be fairly unintelligent, he is wary of Grif whom he considers to be "crafty." In short, Grif seems to be fairly intelligent in terms of logical thinking, but does not have much common knowledge, possibly due to his laziness and unwillingness to learn. Although none of the soldiers on either side, save Sarge, are enthusiastic about fighting the war, Grif is arguably the least motivated. Owing to his status as a draftee, Grif is reluctant to take part in any action, falls asleep during meetings, forgets his various duties, and actively tries to withdraw from the army by any means possible. His frustration at being in the army is best showcased when the Red Team emerged back in Blood Gulch, and Grif stood on the cliff-top for several hours screaming in despair. He has shown a small amount of initiative and courage, such as when he made an attempt to physically attack the Meta, slowing him down for a moment by jumping on his back. He was immediately thrown off, but managed to steal the rogue Agent's brute shot. It was, in fact, his and Sarge's teamwork that led to the Meta's death, which is an achievement that multiple highly trained soldiers died trying to perform. Grif has shown occasional instances of geuine selflessness that clash with his usual facade of a "Do-Nothing-Slacker."

Insurrectionist Leader
"Ha, ha...is that what he told you we are?"
Leader of the Insurrection group that the Freelancers regularly combat. The Leader, acting as C.T. after her death, serves as the primary antagonist of Recreation and is the leader of a desert dig team trying to get their hands on an ancient alien weapon which Tucker theorizes they intend to sell to the highest bidder. The Leader is very unwilling to tell Sarge, Grif, and Caboose anything about what he's doing in the desert, leading them to get suspicious, and rightfully so. After finally entering the dig site, C.T. ordered Jones (one of his men) to disable Epsilon-Church, who happens to be inside one of those Forerunner monitors. That enraged the Elites and led to them killing off his forces. The soldier seems to be one of the few people that calls C.T. "Connie," possibly hinting at a strong relationship between the two, which is confirmed when C.T. mentioned that the Leader promised her that they would be together after all of this. He considers Tucker to be an arch-enemy, since his entire operation in the dig site is being singlehandedly held back by the Blue. C.T. himself gets noticeably panicked (and pissed) once it turned out that Tucker was released from the dig sites' structure, and repeatedly said that he really wanted to kill him when they meet both times on-screen. He is extremely benevolent to his team and has undying loyalty to them and the original C.T. He is assumed to be a rebel by the agents of Project Freelancer, as an especially cynical, even villainous version. However, he and his group assume it to be a subversion. He keeps his secrets of his own plans, identity and motives to the bitter end. The original C.T.'s memory is probably a major part of the reason for this. The Leader is shown to panic when the operation doesn't go as planned.

It turns out the Alien's species reproduces via parasitic embryos, and Tucker's mysterious illness near the end of the series is a case of Mister Sea Horse. Junior seems to have inherited his "mother's" catchphrase, and serves to awaken some glimmers of a (dysfunctional) paternal instinct in Tucker, as well as a strong desire in Church to euthanize the "abomination." Junior turns out to be the destined savior of the Alien's race, a fact that O'Malley and Wyoming became very interested in - they planned to infect Junior with Omega, then use him to control the alien race, winning the war for humanity, and then probably taking over humanity for themselves. Junior tends to make sleazy porno music at every innuendo, but it wasn't taught by Tucker. It's genetic. As father (or mother) and son, Tucker and Junior share a bond. Despite not knowing how to raise a kid at first, Tucker later found himself looking at minivans and generally "getting into the whole parenting thing." Junior seems to show happiness in being around and talking to Tucker, but was generally too young to show any real signs of family love. It should also be noted that after Junior's apparent death, Tucker simply walked away...though oddly, he became aggresive towards Wyoming when he revealed that his plans involved Junior, and in their last father-son meeting, Tucker bestowed 'words of wisdom' upon his son. He also hinted in a deleted scene that he didn't really believe Junior was dead, noting that "they don't treat death the same way we do."

Lopez la Pesado ("the Heavy")
(subtitled Spanish) "I am going to erase every memory of you the second you are gone. Just like I did for [FILE DELETED] and [FILE DELETED]."
Lopez the Heavy (Lopez La Pesado in Spanish), better known simply as "Lopez", or Señor El Roboto by Sarge, is a robot, built by Sarge. He has a damaged speech unit, which allows him to only speak Spanish. Many people cannot understand him except for Andy, O'Malley, Doc, Sarge (in Relocated & Recreation) and Tucker (with the aid of a dictionary, although he seems to understand him perfectly later on) can understand him. Donut, however, thinks he can, but usually ends up saying the wrong thing, which frustrates Lopez. Sarge's pet project and team mechanic, a robot who only speaks badly translated Spanish in a flat, robotic voice (and occasionally takes advantage of the fact he's the only one fluent in the language). Lopez seems to view his teammates with cold resentment, either due to their reliance on him for mechanical help, constant damage to the team Warthog that Lopez ends up repairing, for programming him to speak Spanish instead of English, or all of the above. As a result, Lopez spends the series hopping from team to team. Church possesses him in search of a body, then Lopez is mistaken for a Blue and attacked by his former owners, causing him to formally surrender to the Blues. Via a time loop, Church accidentally suggests that Lopez and Sheila form their own robot army, and Lopez defects away from humans altogether, but he is quickly captured and reprogrammed by O'Malley while the AI is possessing Doc. His head is blown off during the transition between Halo 1 and 2, and he becomes the bitingly sarcastic sidekick to O'Malley until he is finally recovered by the Red Team at the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. As of Reconstruction he's been rebuilt and is back at Red Base, and has deleted the memories of his departed teammates. He rejoined the Red Team because he was bored (and because Sarge knew the commands codes that would make him do it anyway). Lopez's personality has changed since his return to the Red Army. He is no longer glad to take orders, but instead he questions the majority of the instructions given to him (mostly because the majority of orders given to him are extremely stupid) and has taken up the habit of making sarcastic commentaries about most of the things people say to him, since nobody understands what he's saying and therefore don't realize he's insulting them. In Chapter 14 of Recreation, The Meta attacks Valhalla and Lopez shows that he is more proficient at combat than the members of both the Red and Blue Teams by quickly chasing the Meta away with a missile pod launcher. Early on, he viewed Sarge as A Father to His Men both figuratively and (since Sarge built him) literally. However, once he learned how stupid Sarge really is, this faded into cynicism. Lopez somewhat effectively operated a machine gun turret despite being only a head at the time. Simmons' only explanation for this is that the robot is very determined. Lopez views himself as the Only Sane Man when compared to the Reds and Blues, and isn't far from the truth. According to he himself, Lopez makes backups of himself when he is especially in danger, so that he can survive whatever problem comes up somehow.

Malcom Hargrove
"Nonetheless, I feel compelled to inform you that even our trust has its limits."
Malcom Hargrove serves as the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee and exchanges messages with the Director of Project Freelancer throughout each chapter of Reconstruction. The Chairman leads a committee to review what has occurred with the Freelancer Project, mostly to find out how it can have multiple AI's when they were only given one. Although he starts off calm and friendly in his dealings with the Director, he soon becomes hostile when he realizes that the Director is stalling for time and avoiding answering his questions. In the end, he informs the Director that he is under arrest and that entirety of the moral codes for dealing with AIs are being re-written due to the Director's actions. In Recreation, he returns, and has made a deal with Agent Washington to ensure the latter's freedom in exchange for finally getting the evidence necessary to put the Director away. While his priorities ultimately do seem to be good in the end, Malcom is pretty much trying to increase his own standing and power as well. Though abrasive, his goal is to take down the Director for committing war crimes...this sometimes leads him to take actions that aren't deemed "nice" and can classify him as more of a Hero Antagonist. His initial letters to the Director are actually relatively restrained and calm, and he seems quite content to get the process done ASAP while doing his best to not interfere with the Director's work, while being given relatively little to go on. When he finds out that the Director has broken the law, this attitude is dropped. The letters between the Chairman and the Director in Reconstruction gradually build in intensity until the Chairman's final letter, which is delivered very calmly, but sternly, telling the Director that officers have been dispatched to arrest him.

The Meta / Agent Maine
"Get off me!"
The Meta, formerly known as Freelancer Agent Maine, was a rogue Freelancer agent with goals to obtain armor enhancements and artificial intelligence to increase his power. He serves as the main antagonist of the Recollections Trilogy. Though he had some honorable qualities during his time as a Freelancer, including saving Carolina's life by taking a sniper round aimed at her spine, Meta was nevertheless aggressive, amoral and somewhat sociopathic. During his match with Tex, he, along with Wyoming had no qualms about killing her with live ammo. He was also extremely violent when angered. Meta was stoic and a man of few words. He said very little when he was capable of speaking and was very proud of his power. He was also not above taunting his enemies with his strength, such as when he allowed the Sleeveless Insurrectionist to deal the first blow, then catching it and sadistically twisted his arm, forcing the soldier to his knees and defeating him with a single punch. As the Meta, Maine had become a predator. Whether or not it was his own voalition or the A.I's will, he slaughtered everyone (including his former comrades) who got in his way. He was nothing short of a monster, willing to increase his power at the cost of countless lives. Despite his somewhat brutish personality, Meta was very devious, manipulating the Reds into attacking the Blues and using Washington and South as pawns to obtain A.I for his own possession.

Agent North Dakota
"Stay safe, kiddo."
Freelancer Agent North Dakota, often referred to as simply North, was an agent in the Special Operation's program Freelancer. Being that he was in the first implantation group, he was given an artificial intelligence program: Theta. Because of the Epsilon Incident, the AI project was canceled, and constructs were ordered to be removed, willingly or by exterminating the agent. Being that North still had his AI indicates that he was able to escape, Theta inherited a fairly innocuous trait or that Project Freelancer deemed the Dakotas experiment to take precedent over any risk that may come to him. Since Recovery Command was seemingly aware of North still carrying Theta (much to the surprise of Recovery One), it is possible that Theta is similar to the Delta AI, being that it did not pose a threat. South and North, being twin brother and sister, are depicted of showing some level of kindness to each other (North pushing South out of a firing turret's way and South shouting out his name after he is shot). It is clear that North greatly cares for his sister. However, South's jealousy of North owning an AI ultimately led her to placing her brother in a position to be killed by the Meta. North often corrects York when the two are talking about their A.I’s, Theta and Delta, as York often fails to find a correct word to describe the situation their A.I.s are in, with North quickly finding the word to describe it. Apparently, North has to walk Theta around to get him to 'sleep', similar to what his father would do with South when she was younger. A Deadpan Snarker...while he's a by-the-book, stoic, consummate professional during missions, he's pretty open and cheery off-duty. North is easily the nicest and sweetest Freelancer in the group (or at least possibly tied for the spot); even when he's wading into battle he tends to become more professionally stoic than bloodthirsty or malevolent...a very, very sharp contrast from his sister. He even forms kind of a Nice Guy trio with Wash and York: being less snarky than York, and less uptight/dorky than Wash. He tends to have a Big Brother Instinct when it comes to other people and was even given Theta because of his more caring and "nurturing" nature.

Omega (O'Malley)
"I will devour their hearts and crap out their souls! They will all taste oblivion! Which tastes just like Red Bull...which is disgusting."
Artificial Intelligence Program Omega, also known as O'Malley, is a rogue Artificial Intelligence program and serves as the primary antagonist of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Omega was the AI partner assigned to Tex as part of the Freelancer program ("O'Malley" is a portmanteau of their names, Omega and Allison). While Tex was already, according to Church, "a rotten bitch," the addition of Omega turned her into "a rotten bitch with cybernetic enhancements." After the Freelancer program was shut down following Agent Washington's breakdown, Omega possessed Tex and fled the facility before he could be removed. A bloodthirsty and malevolent AI, O'Malley was capable of possessing soldiers via their helmet radios like a virus. Once Tex was killed, O'Malley briefly possessed Caboose, then seized the medic Doc up until the finale. Though a real danger, O'Malley's dialogue frequently dips into cartoonish levels of villainy. Reconstruction revealed that Omega was actually a fragment of the Alpha, the AI given to Project Freelancer which was subsequently tortured into fragmenting. Omega inherited the Alpha's anger, which explains O'Malley's ability to inspire fury in those it possessed, as well as the Alpha's ability to travel via radio transmissions. As a fragment AI representing pure rage, Omega lacks a definitive personality. As a result, much of his personality, intelligence, goals and skills alter depending on that of the host he is currently possessing. While infecting Caboose, Omega was charaterized as a semi-serious insane killer. Despite constantly threatening others, particularly Tucker, he never killed anyone, though it was only to avoid blowing his cover. This Omega does not exhibit any of the world-conquering desires and does not demonstrate any of the grand plans of his other incarnations, which could possibly be attributed to Caboose's limited intelligence. Omega infected Doc near the end of Season 2, which caused a massive change in personality. This version of O'Malley is present for the longest of the versions present in The Blood Gulch Chronicles and is characterized as an over-the-top, monologue spewing megalomaniac, serving as a parody of typical super villains. This O'Malley has expressed a wish to annihilate both teams, either to destroy or take over the universe and to "crush every living soul into dust." He expresses these desires in long monologues (with a tendency to overuse the words "fool" and "folly") accompanied by extended fits of evil laughter and extreme close-up shots of his visor. His plans for achieving these ends usually involve overly complex schemes or mechanical soldiers or weapons. He was still seen as a dangerous threat to the Teams, due to the fact he could use a rocket launcher well. It should be noted that while infecting Doc he and Doc had two separate personallities, as opposed to when he inhabits others, there only apears to be one personality. When inhabiting Tex, Omega speaks in a cold, slow, mechanical voice that comes across as calculating and intelligent. Despite being able to switch between hosts, Omega always found a way back to Tex, preferring to infect her. This may have something to do with the fact that Omega is a fragment of Church's personality and may have some of the same feelings for Tex that Church does despite only representing the Alpha's anger. Another plausible explanation is that Omega is drawn to Tex as the subject of his first implantation. Whenever Omega possesses someone, he changes their behaviors into something that's somewhat more in line with his own personality, along with essentially amplifying their own negative traits ten-fold. Inside Tex, he gave no indication of presence or even sentience, and merely made her more bitter. Inside Caboose, he was more of a random psychopath. It isn't until he possesses Doc that he gets any aspirations towards omnicide. Omega in Seasons 1-5 is largely an ineffectual random villain. In season 6 onward, he's a completely dangerous psychopath.

Staff Sergeant Sarge
"Continue with Operation: Meatshield. Remember, just 'cause your bones are broken doesn't mean it won't stop bullets from hitting me."
The staff sergeant leading Red Team, and the only one in the canyon who's actually enthusiastic about the Red/Blue conflict, due to his intense and unexplained hatred of all things Blue. His real name remains a mystery, and it is implied he answers as "Sarge" even on Red Army official documents. Sarge is incredibly loyal to the Red Army, and goes out of his way to excuse the nonsensical answers and directives Command sends his way. He is also fiercely supportive of the chain of command, especially if this allows him to punish Grif. Sarge wields a shotgun, which he uses as a cudgel more often than actually shooting it, and speaks with a Southern US (vaguely Texan) accent. He's the only Red Team member to actually wear red armor. Besides being Drill Sergeant Nasty and The Neidermeyer, Sarge is best described as "essentially every '50s stereotype character melted down into one." He exhibits characteristics of a Mad Scientist with regards to his tinkering with robotics and cybernetics, a used car salesman's flair for presentation and hype, and a "grumpy old dad" in his dealings with Simmons and Donut. Sarge is fond of overly-complicated plans, especially if they could result in Grif's death - his plan to attack the windmill power plant involved jamming the device with Grif's corpse, while his attempt to get Donut out from under a spaceship was to subject Grif to bites from irradiated insects in an attempt to give him superpowers. Personal quirks aside, Sarge is probably Red Team's most effective fighter - he was able to subdue Tex, cut down the Zealots of Battle Creek with relative ease, get the drop on Agent Washington, and is brutally effective in close combat. Sarge exhibits more discipline than the other Reds (and most of the Blues, for that matter), but is also somewhat sociopathic, bloodthirsty, and eccentric. His prefered nickname is S-dog. Sarge never uses enhancements when he fights, but when he gets into a real fight he's easily the best on the Red Team. He's completely delusional and insane, as well as quite possibly suffering from PTSD or some such. Also one of the most competent non-Freelancer soldiers in Blood Gulch, if not out of all the simulation troopers. Despite his quirks and lackluster leadership skills, he is a capable combatant, has built multiple robots and at least a couple combat vehicles, and turned Simmons into a Cyborg. He eventually left behind his hatred of the Blues and now treats his fellow Reds as equals given the revelations about the "war" they were all in. While "cunning" might be an overstatement, he does eventually learn Spanish...or, at least, Lopez's version of it. He claims to have developed a fear of heights from a career as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. On at least three or four occasions Sarge has shown a peculiar fondness for Caboose, possibly owing to the latter's childlike naïveté. And not to mention the few times where he hasn't insulted Grif and even complimented him (even if it was a little backhanded), or, in Relocated, showed actual concern for Grif learning about the death of a family member. By Revelation, he's become the Team Dad to both the Reds and the Blues. Sarge claims that he's never hit a girl in his life (he did once knock Tex out, but he thought she was a man at the time). This attitude caused a brief stalemate at Blood Gulch when Sister was the only Blue left. He is also fond of extremely weak and easily guessed passwords.

M808V Main Battle Tank "Sheila"
"Hello, and thank you for activating the M808V Main Battle Tank. You may call me Sheila."
Blue Team's support vehicle, a battle tank with an artificial intelligence that answers to Sheila (her original name was Phyllis, but time travel is involved). The Blues expressed bewilderment that Command decided to supply them with a tank no one knew how to operate, but Caboose nonetheless attempted to rescue Church using Sheila, killing him in the process and apparently falling in love with the "nice tank lady." If Sheila paid much attention to Caboose, this would form a Love Triangle, given her attraction to Lopez. After Caboose's attempt, the Blues seem to decide that Sheila works best driving herself. Throughout the series, Sheila is a major asset for Blue Team...when she isn't feeling moody and oppositional or running off with Lopez to form an all-robot faction. Sheila is a product of the military contractor that made the lowest bid, something she is ashamed of. She was built by an American automotive corporation and assembled in Mexico. Sheila might be bi-curious, as she becomes confused by Lopez getting possessed by Tex right after they fall in love, stating that her wires felt crossed and admitting that she liked it.

Red Vs. Blue Character List/Personalities Part 2!

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