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21 December 2012 @ 06:43 pm
{Themes} Disney Fairies & Batman Beyond/The Zeta Project  
Hey, everyone! Breyzy here with a couple special surprise themes for animationstamps (haha, I'm even surprising Yin O_O;)! These are probably going to be the last themes here for this year, but we're planning on starting 2013 up with some themes you all have been patiently waiting for! Consider these two themes sort of a "holiday" present of sorts. XD

Let's get started, yes? Community Rules apply for all of these themes. You can also find the application there! Just be sure to title your application with the theme you're applying for. ♥ NOTE: we've decided that since LJ has been slow recently that members can apply for *TWO* themes at a time! However, you must continue to vote on the unstamped applications as stated in the rules.

Our first theme is for the Disney Fairies movie and television franchise! This was a request we recieved over at the Theme Suggestions post and the latest movie, Secret of the Wings, even has a Winter theme going for it...so, I thought it might be a nice treat to do the Disney Fairies Theme during this season! There are some slight SPOILERS for some of the Disney Fairies films in the descriptions, but I got them all from the Disney wiki so you would have run across them anyways if you looked up more information, lolz. There are 19 stamp options for this theme...I decided to only go with the fairy characters since they're more focused on in the stories of the franchise overall.

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell (or Tink for short) is the tritagonist in Peter Pan and its sequel and the main protagonist of its spin-offs. In the many years since her inception, Tinker Bell has become one of the main spokespersons for Disney and one of its most iconic characters (mostly known for flying towards the screen with a wand in her hand, waving it and causing pixie dust to fly out to the screen). Since the release of the original Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has been known for being a silent character up until the release of her own film, Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is described as a common fairy who is small, slender, hand-sized, and fair-skinned. She is feisty and hot-tempered (with her body turning fiery red when angered), but also quite cute and beautiful. She has blue eyes, blond hair worn in bun, and pointy ears. Though she sometimes has a jealous side and can be ill-behaved and vindictive, at other times she is helpful and kind to Peter, for whom she apparently has romantic feelings. Despite the fact that Tinker Bell means a great deal to Peter, the fairy's feelings for him aren't reciprocated. The extremes in her personality are explained by the fact that a fairy’s size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time. She is usually seen wearing a green strapless dress with a mini skirt, green shoes with white puffs on her toes, and clear, insect-like wings on her back. In the Disney Fairies franchise (of which she is the main character), she is sometimes seen wearing more tomboyish clothing, though it is clearly based off her original outfit. As a fairy, Tinker Bell can fly and produces pixie dust, which allows others to fly. She is described as being a tinker fairy, meaning that she mends pots and kettles, and is shown to be very talented at it. Her personality traits include being brave, determined, hot-tempered, jealous, feisty, loyal, helpful, stubborn, sassy, adventurous, mischievous, heroic, intelligent, creative, and inventive.

Silvermist is one of the major fairies in the Disney Fairies franchise. She looks on the positive side of life and acts as an influence between Tinker Bell and Iridessa. She is a water-talented fairy who is best described as sweet, silly, and sympathetic - always ready to lend an ear to a fairy friend in need. Her sympathetic personality can be seen at many situations, such like when Terence is angry with Tink in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. She is always ready to lend an ear to a fairy friend in need and sometimes gives them good advice and sometimes not. But she give more good advice than not. She's a really good fairy to be friends with. Silvermist has a delightfully offbeat and upbeat way of looking at everything. Very much a free spirit, she often listens to her heart more than her head. That's why she's sometimes doing something silly. She’s an easygoing soul who is eager to please and makes friends easily. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched, and rubs off on Tink. Silvermist’s guilty pleasure is listening to rumors and gossip from the babbling brook. In Silvermist and The Ladybug Curse, it is mentioned that Sil is the only fairy in Pixie Hollow who doesn't believe in curses or things like that. Personality traits include being fun, sweet, silly, sympathetic, absent-minded, and innocent.

Rosetta the garden fairy is from the popular Disney Fairies franchise. Fairies never tell their age, of course, but Rosetta arrived in Pixie Hollow before most of her friends – so it is presumed that she’s a little wiser than the others. Older too, but she certainly doesn't look it! Rosetta the garden fairy is gentle and mannered, but also has a quick wit and a ton of charm. Rosetta shares a sassy streak with Tinker Bell. She always tries to look her best, and loves giving beauty tips and makeovers to her friends and flowers. She speaks in a thick southern drawl, which makes you wonder if the baby from which she was laughed up from was a baby southern belle from the southern states of the U.S. It is shown in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue that she dislikes mud despite being a garden fairy. She tends to become guilty of judging a book by it's cover. She was once smitten by an Ice-talent sparrowman named Sled. Personality traits include being intelligent, fashionable, glamorous, sweet, and mature.

Iridessa is a light fairy from the Disney Fairies franchise. She is often the first to voice discomfort about Tinker Bell not wanting to accept her job as a tinker. Iridessa, one of the most talented light fairies, is a detail-oriented perfectionist. She’s passionate about her work, but can also be a worrywart, even when she tries to see the bright side of things, but often smells disaster. It can take some convincing to get her to go along with a risky or dangerous plan (a stubbornness that Tink certainly has too). In the end, though, she will always do anything to help a friend. Personality traits include being clever, friendly, resourceful, a bit worrisome, realistic, and humorous.

Fawn is an animal fairy from the Disney Fairies franchise. She is the closest to Tinker Bell, and expresses her desire for her to be happy, which she suggests is in tinkering. Like other animal fairies, she is a vegetarian because she likes animals and thinks eating animals is killing them. Fawn is a rascally tomboy full of mirth and mischief. She’s always ready to play, and the more rough-and-tumble the game, the better. Fawn is a born prankster — she likes to play tricks on Iridessa, Beck, and Horace— and Tinker Bell loves her mischievous nature. She speaks many different animal languages, but the burp-like toad-speak is her favorite. Fawn also has a softer side to her being one of the caretakers of Mother Dove. She is fluent in most all animal languages and is considered one of the best of her talent. As said before, Fawn is a tomboy, and one of the things she takes a disliking to, is getting herself gussied up. As a caretaker of animals, Fawn has shown to have a strong motherly side, especially seen when she's dealing with baby birds, as she is known to assist the parenting bird in teaching the baby flight. She is also said to be the youngest of Tinker Bell's closest friends. Personality traits include being feisty, clever, energetic, wily, humorous, a jokester, and tomboyish.

Vidia is a fast-flying fairy, Tinker Bell's former rival, the main antagonist of Disney's 2008 film, Tinker Bell, and later one of the main protagonist in its sequels. When all is said and done, Vidia is sly, vindictive, and narcissistic, but has a good heart. She tends to use sugary phrases, such as "darling" and "dear" in a condescending manner to other fairies. She is said to be the fastest fairy in Pixie Hollow, but her title gets to her head, as she is determined to keep her title, and would go to great lengths to achieve this. Not only does she feel she's the best in speed, but the best fairy overall, and berates anyone who thinks otherwise. She is incredibly strong-willed and outspoken, much like Tinker Bell, which can also indicate why the two fairies clash many times. Despite her negative traits, Vidia ultimately has a good heart, most notably seen in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue where she traps Tinker Bell in a fairy-sized house made by a human girl, in an attempt to teach Tink a lesson on how dangerous human things are. When the human girl ends up taking Tink to her home, Vidia puts all of her differences with the tinker aside to rescue her. Upon this adventure, Vidia reforms completely and is shown to be much friendlier with Tink and her friends. Even so, she still maintains her anti-hero persona as seen in Pixie Hollow Games where she was looking forward to Rosetta embarrassing herself during the competitions, knowing the garden fairies' fear of dirt and mud. Vidia also appears to be an outcast in Pixie Hollow. She is the only fairy in the land to not reside in a home tree. Instead, she resides in a sour plum tree on the outskirts of the land. Personality traits include being sly, vindictive, jealous, vain, kind, friendly, helpful, bold, protective, and sassy.

Periwinkle is a frost-talent fairy from the Winter Woods, who appears in the fifth Tinker Bell movie, Secret of the Wings. When a baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born. Unlike other fairies however, Peri and Tink were born from the same first laugh, making them fraternal twin sisters. They share many aspects when it comes to personality traits, characteristics, and appearance. However, the most striking connection is their fairy wings, as they have the same wing-shaped pattern, which something that is unheard of as fairy wing patterns are all supposed to be very different. As far as personality goes, Periwinkle is very bubbly and rather adventurous. She is often on the cheerful side and is always open to new ideas and innovations. Like Tink, she collects discarded items found in Never Land called "lost things", as Tink call them. However, Peri likes to refer to them as "found things". Like other frost talent fairies, Peri is forbidden from ever exploring other parts of Pixie Hollow as it is said to be dangerous for a winter fairy because of the warm climate. Even so, Peri grew a fascination of the world beyond her own and dreamed of visiting it. When she meets Tinker Bell, the bond between the two fairies causes them to think of ways to cross the border. When they do however, it may spell danger. Personality traits include being curious, fun-loving, bubbly, adventurous, and excitable.

Clank and Bobble
Clank and Bobble are characters from the Disney Fairies franchise. They are a pair of bumbling tinker sparrow men and Tinker Bell's first friends. Clank and Bobble are a dynamic duo of sparrow man, who show great pride in being tinkers, unlike Tinker Bell at first. With a brotherly relationship, they are both fairly intelligent, but are also on the bumbling side. Some of their favorite activities includes tinkering of course, and magic tricks. They also enjoy a good show at Fairy Tale Theater. They are also the only fairies to reside together in the same home tree. Out of the two, Clank is far more dimwitted, but is very sweet and sympathetic. Like Bobble, he enjoys being a tinker and is on the more goofy side. He also has a fear of glaciers. Bobble appears to be slightly more intelligent than his friend, and a bit more crafty. Unlike Clank however, Bobble tends to be accident prone, often a victim of some kind to his own inventions. Personality traits include being crafty, bumbling, inventive, and comedic.

Terence is one of the male protagonists from the Tinker Bell films. He is a dust-keeper sparrow man. He has one of the most important jobs in Pixie Hollow: each day, he rises before dawn to help hand out pixie dust to the other fairies. Never Fairies need at least one teacup of dust each day in order to fly and do magic. Though he loves to have fun, he also is kind and thoughtful, and has great wisdom of the heart. He is very friendly, and has many friends. He sparkles more than most other fairies because he works with fairy dust. Terence has a large spot for Tinker Bell in his heart. Everyone can see it except her. If Tink says anything mean like "I don't need you to help me," he always comes back to see if she's okay on her own and will always keep talking. In the end, Tinker Bell decides "I shouldn't have said that" and goes to him to apologize. But in reality, Terence is the only fairy who has the guts to speak to Tinker Bell when she is annoyed with them. He and Tinker Bell are best friends in both the movies and the books...and he has a bit of a crush on her. Personality traits include being kind, helpful, caring, brave, and adventurous.

Queen Clarion
Queen Clarion is a character from Tinker Bell. She's the queen of Pixie Hollow, she acts motherly to all fairies and the tallest living fairy in Never Land. She can travel in an appearance of pixie dust. Despite her great wisdom, knowledge and power, Queen Clarion doesn't seem to take her queenly station too seriously. She is a loving and approachable but can be firm when she has to be. It has also been said that she is mysterious. As ruler of Pixie Hollow, Queen Clarion sometimes mediates and helps to settle arguments quietly. In the films, she also has the task of making sure the preparations for the four seasons are done in a timely manner (with the help of the seasonal ministers). She also greets new arrivals at the Pixie Dust Tree, helps them find their innate magical talent, and gives them their names. Personality traits include being friendly, motherly, wise, guiding, forgiving, fair, firm, caring, queenly, and loving.

Fairy Mary
Fairy Mary is a character from the Tinker Bell films. In the first film, Fairy Mary was given the task of watching over the newcomer fairy Tinker Bell, though Tink disliked her job as a tinker, believing it to be useless. When Fairy Mary discovered Tinker Bell's true feelings about the tinker fairies, she was greatly offended. However, Fairy Mary had high hopes for Tinker Bell. During the climax of the film, when Pixie Hollow suffered great damage from the destructive nature of the sprinting thistles, Fairy Mary was impressed to see Tinker Bell finally putting her talent to good use by creating innovative ways on how to set up for the fairies' travel to the Main Land despite the great damage. Personality traits include being stressed, worrisome, comical, disorganized, faithful, and appreciative.

Glimmer is a character from the Disney Fairies television special, Pixie Hollow Games. Glimmer is a storm-talent fairy and has dedicated most of her time to training for the games. Her constant training even prevents her from traveling to the Main Land like the other fairies. It took her three tries to actually become the partner of Rumble for the Pixie Hollow Games. Like Rumble, she is in it to win for the games, but unlike her partner, she is not conceited. Her personality traits include being hardworking, devoted, and busy.

Rumble is the main antagonist of the television special Pixie Hollow Games, part of the Disney Fairies franchise. He is a storm-talent sparrow men. Rumble is very egotistical and arrogant. He's a four time Pixie Hollow Games champion, which only inflates his ego. While rather muscular, he proves to have a small amount of intelligence. Evidence of this can be seen when he speaks in the third person. In Pixie Hollow Games, Rumble and his partner Glimmer were going for the fifth championship ring, though Rumble desire to win caused him to cheat during the last event, using Glimmer's lightning abilities to destroy one of the wheels of competitors Rosetta and Chloe's cart. He also sings the Pixie Hollow Games anthem in his sleep. Personality traits include being arrogant and conceited.

Chloe is a character in the Disney Fairies television special, Pixie Hollow Games. She is a garden-talent fairy. At the time of the Pixie Hollow Games, Chloe was a new garden-talent fairy in Pixie Hollow. She volunteered to partner with Rosetta in the Pixie Hollow Games despite the constant losing streak the garden fairies have. She is rather cheerful and optimistic, especially when it comes to competing in the games. In the special Pixie Hollow Games, She had worked very hard and had researched every event for the Pixie Hollow Games. Rosetta and her worked together to break the Garden-talent's legendary losing streak. At first Rosetta didn't try hard but after she let Chloe down on the second day, she stepped it up. They almost lost when Rumble cheated, but won when Glimmer didn't cross the finish line. Personality traits include being optimistic, trustworthy, and good-willed.

Spike is a frost-talent fairy from the film Secret of the Wings. She resides in the Winter Woods portion of Never Land, along with the other members of her talent. Like most other frost-talent fairies and sparrow men, Spike is aware of the dangers of crossing the border from the Winter Woods to the warm portion of Pixie Hollow. She is also one of Periwinkle's friends. She appears to be a foil to her friend Gliss who is very energetic and enthusiastic, whilst Spike tends to be rather inert when it comes to practicing her talent. Personality traits include being laid back, cautious, loyal, and sarcastic.

Gliss is a frost-talent fairy from the latest Tinker Bell film, Secret of the Wings. She lives in the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow, and is good friends with Periwinkle. Unlike her good friend Spike, another frost-talent fairy, Gliss is either oblivious, or ignorant to the fact that fairies living on the warm regions of Pixie Hollow, are not allowed to enter the Winter Woods, as seen when she happily invites Tinker Bell in. Personality traits include being energetic, welcoming, active, enthusiastic.

Sled is a frost-talent sparrow man from the Disney Fairies film, Secret of the Wings. He lives in the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow which is notably forbidden to the non-frost-talent fairies and sparrow men. At one point in the film, he falls in love with Rosetta, a garden fairy, after telling her to stay warm and becomes rather smitten. His personality traits include being calm, smooth, loyal, and heroic. Beyond Sled's obvious like of Rosetta, he also mentions that he loves snowball fights.

Lord Milori
Lord Milori is a character from the Disney Fairies film, Secret of the Wings. He is the ruler of the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow. He is also the romantic love interest/sweetheart and lover of Queen Clarion, the queen of Pixie Hollow. In the beginning of the film, he is strongly against warm fairies crossing over the border into the Winter Woods as it places the fairies in physical danger...something he has personal experience with. His personality traits include being wise, knowledgeable, strong, strict, serious, kind, and loving.

Dewey is a character from the film Secret of the Wings. Dewey is a frost talent sparrow man residing in the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow with a western accent. He is a widely known fairy and the keeper of all fairy knowledge, giving him his famous nickname "The Keeper". He is very friendly and warm, and great friends with the bubbly Periwinkle, who is one of the few fairies that actually refer to Dewey by his actual name. His personality traits include being humorous, sympathetic, sweet, intelligent, wise, heroic, and rebellious.

The second surpise theme is technically for two series but I combined them into one theme since one is technically just a spin-off of the other. I know a lot of people actually liked the Batman: The Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures theme we had, so hopefully you all might like one for the pseudo-sequel to that series: Batman Beyond, along with its own spin-off series The Zeta Project! There are 31 character options for this theme (and that was just me limiting it to the major/recurring cast, lolz). XD

CREDIT: the following bios are from the *amazing* The World's Finest: Batman Beyond Bios & The World's Finest: The Zeta Project Bios sections! More information on these characters as well as a massive list of characters *not* on this character list can be found there. XD

Alt. Stamp
Terry McGinnis ("Batman")
The main protagonist of Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis is a 17-year-old high-school senior with an edgy, rebellious nature. A latchkey kid for much of his youth, Terry developed a sense of independence that often put him at odds with the world long before he became Batman. Terry hasn't come to terms with the death of his father who was killed by some thugs. When he saw the opportunity to become Batman and avenge his father's death, Terry grabbed it--despite Bruce's initial objections. Prior to the tragedy, Terry lived with his dad because he was too much for his mom to handle. Now that he's moved back home with his mom and younger brother, he knows he has to behave. In order to facilitate being Batman, as well as bring in some extra income for his family, Terry works for Bruce Wayne and the pair share an uneasy mentor/protégé relationship. As Batman, or the Tomorrow Knight (as the citizens of Gotham have donned him), Terry is fearless -- and he detests guns (he absolutely never uses them). Although he respects Bruce and looks to his years of experience for guidance, Terry has a tendency to defy his bounds, and overstep Bruce's instructions. Quite often, Terry learns the hard way that he should listen to his mentor. Like Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis understands what it is like to lose a loved one to a criminal act. After a fight with his father, 17-year-old Terry stormed out of his house, only to return and find his home trashed and his father murdered. Having earlier discovered Bruce Wayne's dark secret, Terry asks Batman to help avenge his father's death. But the millionaire tycoon has become too old to fight. Reluctantly at first, Bruce hires Terry as his new assistant and successor, bestowing upon him a new Batsuit to help fight crime in Gotham.

Alt. Stamp
Zeta ("Zee")
The main protagonist of The Zeta Project, his full name is Infiltration Unit Zeta. He has a high-endurance metal frame, that was built to carry an array of weapons and tools. He can project a hologram around himself and alter his voice, allowing him to become anyone. He was created to fight our country's enemies - to mimic people, infiltrate their ranks, and... well, you can fill in the ending. But something happened that his keepers never expected: he learned the value of human life. And when ordered to harm a man he believed was innocent, Zeta refused. Instead he threw away his weapons, and ran from his programmed destiny. Ever since, the government agents that controlled Zeta have been after him, convinced that he's been reprogrammed by terrorists. Led by the obsessed hunter, Agent Bennet, their plan is to wipe Zeta's memory clean, reprogram him from scratch, and send him back out as the mindless machine he was meant to be. At the same time that Zeta runs from Agent Bennet, he searches for the scientist who created him: Doctor Eli Selig, former head of the Infiltration Unit Program. Zeta hopes that as his creator, Selig will believe that his change of heart is real, and convince the agents to drop their pursuit. But Selig himself is a man on the move, and Zeta hasn't found him yet. Created in a lab just over a year ago, Zeta is like a child in a grown-up's body. He was programmed to mimic people with uncanny accuracy, but back in his government days, he was only copying real people who he could study and memorize. Nowadays, Zeta's making everything up for himself, and he's not as good at "playing human" as he used to be. A little Mr. Spock, a little Jeff Bridges' Starman, he's learning about human behavior from scratch -- curious, but confused when people don't seem to make sense. Zeta doesn’t always know the right response in social situations, and his attempts to blend in can sometimes have comic results. Fortunately, Ro is there to cover for his mistakes, and coach him as best as she can. Still, this power of mimicry is Zeta's primary strength. In general, Zeta's "default" guise will be that of a tall, handsome male in his early twenties, which Ro nicknames "Zee." It's an appearance she helps him choose, advising that it's just the right age: Old enough that legally you can do what you want, yet young enough that kids still trust you. In this guise, Zeta is able to pose as Ro's older brother, and the two can skirt any questions about her being a minor on her own. Although Zeta is stronger than an average human, and his metal frame can take a beating, he's far from invulnerable. Sometimes, like the rest of us, all he can do is run and hope to leap clear of a blast in time. Categorized as a rogue infiltration unit by the NSA, Zeta is a “failed” project by a number of scientists. Zeta’s killing mindset changed because of a chip that Dr. Selig had implanted inside Zeta’s brain, allowing him to have a conscience and make moral decisions. In his running away from the NSA, Zeta ran into Ro, a young girl who was also on the run. The two became friends and began looking out for each other, risking each others lives to save the other. Zeta and Ro continue to run from the NSA and prevent atrocities committed by other human beings along the way.

Ace was taken away from his mother and taken to the pound. There, he was given to a dogfight trainer named Ronny Boxer. Abused and tortured, Ace was trained by Boxer to be a fighting machine. During Ace's first dogfight, the police raid the match. The dog escapes during the confusion into the snowy streets, unsuspecting of where to go. Meanwhile down in Crime Alley. Bruce is paying his annual visit to the site of his parents' death long ago. Bruce has some difficulty getting past a hulking Jokerz member, but manages to get by, aggravating the clown. He lays down his roses, unsuspecting of the Jokerz creeping up behind him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ace saves Bruce from a Jokerz gang member. Seeing the abuse Ace as been through, he takes him in for a companion and give shim the name, "Ace". Now that Terry has donned the mantle, Ace has grown pretty fond of Terry as well. Ace continues to be a vigilant watch out dog, as well as a great weapon to use against unsuspecting villains...and he's pretty good company.

Agent Lee
Formerly Scout Unit Four, partner NSA agents West and Lee botch a chance to capture Zeta at the Wood Valley Maryland hoverbus station - and get assigned to Agent Bennet's personal detail as their punishment. Now West and Lee work right at Bennet's side (where he can keep an eye on them), dedicated to the single mission of capturing Zeta. West is a clumsy, overeager bumbler, constantly firing weapons too soon, tripping over his own feet and blowing chances to catch Zeta. Lucky for him, Lee's there to keep him in check. She's more controlled, and by-the-book -- but Lee has her doubts about Zeta's guilt. She's willing to believe Zeta might really be peaceful - and that open-mindedness sometimes puts her at odds with Agent Bennet. An officer in the NSA, Agent Lee’s main mission was to capture the rogue synthoid, “Zeta.” After seeing first hand that he wasn’t dangerous, however, Lee later quit her post and joined another faction of the NSA. She only met up with Zeta and Ro one other time, and turned a shoulder as they made their escape.

Agent Rush
The replacement for Agent Lee, the by-the-book Agent Rush has just as low a level of toleration for Agent West as Agent Lee had and is nearly identical in the field in everyway. Following orders to their fullest extent, Rush never gave up and always tried to carry out Agent Bennet’s commands.

Agent West
Formerly Scout Unit Four, partner NSA agents West and Lee botch a chance to capture Zeta at the Wood Valley Maryland hoverbus station - and get assigned to Agent Bennet's personal detail as their punishment. Now West and Lee work right at Bennet's side (where he can keep an eye on them), dedicated to the single mission of capturing Zeta. West is a clumsy, overeager bumbler, constantly firing weapons too soon, tripping over his own feet and blowing chances to catch Zeta. Lucky for him, Lee's there to keep him in check. A klutz to the very end, Agent West invariably screwed up most of the missions to capture Zeta. While not completely incapable, West’s heart was in the right place most of the time, though his need to continually show off put him in many compromising positions.

Commissioner Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Batman's greatest friend, police commissioner Jim Gordon. When Jim retired, Barbara took the job her father left behind. But that's not the only thing they have in common. Barbara also, at one time, fought side-by-side with Batman on the streets of Gotham; she was Batgirl. But Barbara has long since given up the role, having decided that costumed crime-fighting is an inappropriate way to achieve justice. She wants little to do with the new Batman that now roams the night, and she warns Bruce and Terry to stay out of her affairs. The no-nonsense Gotham City police commissioner, and the former Batgirl. No longer the beautiful, dashing young heroine she once was, having been hardened and determined through the years of personal tragedy to her friends, the new Commissioner Gordon is not entertained by the notion of Batman's heir, and often clashes with Terry on several occasions, though time helps her to realize his value to the new Gotham.

Bobbi "Blade" Summer
Bobbi "Blade" Summer is one of the more popular students at Hamilton High. While she never has a steady boyfriend, she likes to toy with all the boys at school and occasionally goes out with different boys. Blade is seen to be friends with Terry, Dana, Max and Howard. Blade was never one to be known for hard studying. Her looks and the inability to keep a steady relationship on the other hand, were infamous. Nevertheless almost every boy at school found her attractive and Blade knew it. Willie Watt was infatuated with her, and twice tried to win her with help from his telekinetic powers.

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne is a millionaire bachelor and the former head of Wayne Enterprises, now the Wayne-Powers Corporation. Sidelined from the day-to-day goings on of the company, Bruce spends his days at the Wayne mansion, cutting himself off from the real world. For decades, Bruce fought crime on the streets of Gotham City as Batman. Now he has become too weak to carry on like he used to, and as a result has become irritable and depressed. Fortunately, meeting Terry McGinnis sparked a new interest in his old life. No longer able to battle crime in the alleyways and rooftops of Gotham, Bruce is again able to fight evil through his successor. Granting Terry the use of a new prototype Batsuit, Bruce guides him through the paces of becoming the new Batman. While their relationship is volatile at times, Bruce values Terry as the friend and ally who has allowed him to carry on his life's mission. The years have taken their toll on the former Batman who's now in his seventies. Bruce Wayne may have slowed down, but one can still see the fire behind his eyes, and that he is a man to be reckoned with. Before meeting Terry McGinnis, Bruce had stopped living life. But Terry's energy and passion for his cause have stirred up emotions in Bruce, enabling him to re-enter the crime-fighting world he had forgotten -- and now, Bruce needs Terry. When Batman is guarding the city, Bruce stays at the Batcomputer and serves as his advisor. He can quickly feed Batman information over the radio link to the new, high-tech Batsuit. Bruce also knows Gotham City better than anyone, and this information often proves invaluable to Terry. Most importantly, Bruce has faced the dark side of humanity for years, and can guide Terry through many of the mazes he's facing for the first time -- if and when Terry will listen.

Bucky Buenaventura
Bucky was the son of scientists and inventors. Born and raised in New Mexico, Bucky soon found he was considerably smarter than his parents, and had to fix all their faulty contraptions. Instead of seeing him as a good thing, they were unable to handle him. So his parents sent Bucky to the Sorben Institute. Bucky is a bona fide genius. Emancipated by his parents, he lives in an academic think tank, and despite all other geniuses living there, no one seems to be able to keep an eye on the slippery kid. He's a prankster, a hacker who loves to invade high security corporate computers and expose sensitive government secrets, just to show that he can and will give Big Brother the occasional goose. Never in it for material gain, Bucky will, for example, gleefully transfer creds from an environmentally destructive company into the accounts of Greenpeace, and then publicize the "grant" before the company has a chance to take the money back. Unchecked by grown-ups, Bucky travels around freely, orchestrating his pranks -- and keeping an interested eye on Zeta and Ro. Amused by them and thinking they're cool, Bucky becomes their guardian angel. He'll keep an ear on Agent Bennet's communications, and show up unexpectedly just when Zeta and Ro need help. And when Bucky needs their help, he always seems to know how to contact them.

Chelsea Cunningham
Best friend to Dana, Terry’s girlfriend, Chelsea never was a model student, often focusing on becoming more popular at school. She often tried to dissuade Dana from dating McGinnis, as she felt that Terry didn’t give Dana the attention she deserved. Chelsea was an average student and one of the most popular girls from a rich family, though she did not get along well with her father. She was a cheerleader, and has had several boyfriends during her school years (including Nelson) and was very popular with boys, even those who were way below her league. Chelsea's attitude towards everything has landed her into trouble on several occasions. Her father first sent her to counseling.

She's deadly, and possesses an unending knowledge of killer tactics. She is an excellent Martial Artist, and is designed to kill. She possesses a scimitar that is no thicker than a molecule which can cut through anything and deflect gunfire. She is Curare. Not much is known about Curaré. She is a member of the Society of Assassins. In the society, the price of failure is death, but nobody has ever failed. Nobody remembers Curaré's real name or her face. The only photo of her is from an airport assassination. Curaré finally met her match in the form of Batman and Barbara Gordon. The both of them managed to capture Curaré and save district attorney Sam Young from her lethal blade. Curaré managed to escape, but must now face the consequences of failure. This is the only time she has failed, and is crucial to her character. Because of this, she had to destroy the entire Society of Assassins in order to remain to the best killer. Curaré is also the name of a poisonous plant used by some South American Indians to tip their arrows, and by medical doctors as a muscle relaxant. Hence Bruce wasn't kidding when he says: "Curaré, she's as lethal as her name."

Dana Tan
Beautiful and intelligent, Dana is Terry's girlfriend. While she understands that Terry's job with Bruce Wayne is a demanding one, she has very little patience for Terry's annoying and frequent disappearances. Although Terry flirts with several girls throughout the show, his main love interest has always been Dana. Despite their commitment to each other, their relationship is strained as Terry struggles early on as Batman to balance his dual obligations. The two verge on the possibility of breaking up several times, especially before Terry meets Melanie Walker. However, as the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" reveals, Terry ultimately grows into full acceptance of his role as Batman, and somewhere along the line discloses his secret to Dana. Although it takes him some time to get over his fears for her safety in the event that his identity is ever compromised, the episode ends with Terry planning to propose to her.

Derek Powers ("Blight")
Derek Powers was a powerful villain even before he became the deadly creature known as Blight. As one of the most important businessmen in Gotham City, Powers forcibly acquired several companies, including Wayne Enterprises. When that wasn't enough, Powers began bio-weapons development in an attempt to broaden his sphere of influence. During a fight with Batman, Powers was exposed to toxic chemicals, becoming the victim of his own creation. In order to survive, Powers was treated with deadly radiation, and it turned his body into a radioactive skeleton. His body temperature is so high that his hands can burn through just about anything, including steel, and he can launch lethal balls of radiation when that isn't enough. A man of beastly tactics, Derek Powers stands over six feet tall and has a commanding presence with cool eyes, a slippery voice and stark white hair that can catch even the most cautious of business associates off guard. Not surprisingly, Powers holds a secret about his appearance. Powers' manufactured skin must be replenished every 24 hours, or it deteriorates and falls away. At least once a night, Powers' doctors place him in a mold that vacuum packs a new layer of skin over his radiating body. Powers and his doctors are constantly searching to find a cure for his condition, and work tirelessly towards this goal. Powers' other goal is to do anything to kill the man he blames for his condition -- Batman.

Dr. Eli Selig
Once the head of the government's Infiltration Unit Program, Dr. Eli Selig is the man who created Zeta. He has had a hand in developing almost every advanced robotic system being used by the government. The genius who designed Zeta's artificial intelligence, Selig knows Zeta's abilities and limitations better than anyone else on earth. Because of this, Zeta has good reason to believe that Selig can help him. If anyone has the influence to call off the agents, it's Dr. Selig. The problem is, Selig no longer heads the Infiltration Unit Program. Since building Zeta he's moved on to another government project, one far more confidential than his past work. Even Agent Bennet lacks the security clearance to find out what it is. At the current level of secrecy, Selig has become a phantom, appearing only wear and when his work demands it, keeping his itinerary close to the vest. On occasion he does surface to aid other scientists or lecture at conferences, but because of the sensitive nature of his work, his appearances are never announced until the last minute. What little we do see of Doctor Selig will give us the impression of a kind, gentle soul -- and this will fuel the theory that Zeta's values are no accident. But any confirmation of Selig's motives will be out of reach for much of the series. Whether he really can -- or cares to -- save Zeta from the men over his shoulder, is something we may not learn until the final episode.

Howard "Howie" Groote
Howard Groote is not what you'd call popular. The butt of endless taunting by the popular kids, Groote hides himself in his work. A brilliant young man, Groote has proven to be one of the smartest kids in high school, which also gets him a lot of negative attention. One day after school, Terry McGinnis defended him against a group of bullies, something Groote is forever thankful. Now friends, Groote has helped McGinnis get back on track with his school work, while McGinnis keeps Groote safe from harm. While a smart young man, Groote isn't above causing a couple accidents now and again. Howard had excellent learning skills, but poor social ones. Howard was a teenager comfortable in his time. Consequently, he wasn't too keen on antiquated culture. One night he, Terry, Dana, and Max went to see the classic movie Casablanca and Howard wasn't all impressed. On another occasion, they went to visit Gotham Public Library and he displayed some skepticism about its utility. Howard argued that such a resource was obsolete, seeing as any kind of information could easily be accessed on the Web.

Inque is a polymorph, which means she can change her size and shape at will. Transformed into a fluid dark blob after a bizarre lab experiment, Inque turned to a life of corporate sabotage, offering her services to anyone who agreed to meet her price. Inque can form deadly tentacles or flatten herself into an oozing puddle. She is difficult to capture and can regenerate herself if cut in two. She has super strength and the ability to climb up walls and ceilings. In other words, Inque is a wily opponent who brings plenty of trouble to Batman's door. Inque's origins and background remain largely undisclosed, but it is known that she was born into extreme poverty. Her precarious lifestyle eventually instilled in her an obsession with money, which ultimately became her raison d'être. She decided to take the easy way out and turned to the life of crime. She amassed a fortune this way, and her bank account at one point contained $38 trillion. Early in her youth, she had a daughter, Deanna Clay. Chased by the police, Inque was compelled to remand Deanna to the care of others. At some point after that, she allowed herself to become a biogenic mutant, allegedly for a substantial amount of money. From that point on, Inque put her talents up for hire and became a corporate saboteur. Her deeds before clashing with Batman are unknown, but by then she had become one of Interpol's most wanted. Even though she never returned to reclaim her daughter, she continually provided her with money, which she transferred to her trust fund on a monthly basis. More recently, after being briefly captured by Batman and the elder Bruce Wayne, Inque has set aside her usual job to dedicate herself to shutting the pair down for good.

Infiltration Unit Seven (IU7)
Infiltration Unit Seven, the next generation of Infiltration Unit to come after Zeta, which Agent Bennet unleashes with the sole assignment of capturing its robotic predecessor. This synthoid has the same mimicking skills as Zeta, but the metal frame beneath its hologram is larger, more powerful, and more heavily armed. Unlike our hero, IU7 still carries a dangerous arsenal of weapons -- and has none of Zeta's compunctions about using it. On the other hand, IU7 doesn't have Ro's help, nor the complex artificial intelligence that Zeta was given under Doctor Selig's subtle hand. In fact, because of the extreme single-mindedness of IU7's programming, Zeta and Ro usually find ways to misdirect and outsmart the synthoid monster.

Special Agent James Bennet
Heading the team of agents that's searching for Zeta is Special Agent James Bennet of the National Security Agency. His orders are to bring Zeta in for reprogramming, and put him back to work as an Infiltration Unit. To Zeta, this would be the worst thing that could ever happen: all that he's learned would be wiped clean, and he would become a weapon once again. Ironically, Bennet believes that Zeta's already been reprogrammed -- by a group of dangerous terrorists. And because of this belief, Bennet sees Zeta's every move as part of an unfolding terrorist plot. This is a crucial point to understanding Bennet. Although he's the central antagonist of the series, he's never just being "villainous." Bennet truly believes that Zeta's a threat to National Security, and that by hunting the synthoid down he is serving his country. Bennet's been explicitly ordered to bring Zeta in "alive." Zeta's a sophisticated, expensive piece of equipment, and Bennet's bosses want to see that equipment put back on line. For this reason, Bennet and his team can't just run in and start shooting. Instead, they have to rely on non-lethal tools and techniques. Plus, Bennet will employ more elaborate plots to deceive Zeta and Ro: sending out a young, undercover agent to win our heroes' trust, or luring Zeta and Ro to him with false leads about Ro's family. Even when he's not around, the threat he represents will always provide the show's momentum. Because Bennet is always out there, scanning police bands, screening satellite pictures, sweeping the net for suspicious news stories... Zeta and Ro will always have to avoid attention, hide their identity -- and keep moving. He was so dedicated to his work, that he nearly lost his sons life in an underwater submarine accident. In an odd twist of fate, the very two he had been trying to bring into custody, saved him and his son’s life.

Mary McGinnis
Mary McGinnis is the loving mother of her two sons Terry and Matt. She used to be very soft with Terry but after his run-ins with the law and his father's death, she resolved to be more firm and strict with him. It takes all of the energy in the world for her to balance raising her two sons with her highly stressful job, and Terry's frequent absences because of his job with Bruce Wayne certainly don't help things for her. While she doesn't realize that her son Terry leads a double life as the vigilante Batman, but she is definitely starting to suspect that there may be something unusual about the nature of his job. Regardless of all his flaws, Mary McGinnis is very proud of her son, especially in light of all of the new responsibilities that he has begun to shoulder. Mary has a tattoo of a heart on her right ankle. Terry described it, "a relic from [her] wild teen years."

Matthew "Matt" McGinnis
Matt is Terry's 8-year-old brother. Precocious, energetic and adventuresome, Matt loves nothing more than seeing Terry get into trouble. In fact, if there's anything he can do to foster this, such as squealing on Terry, you can count on Matt. But these days Matt has other interests as well -- his new hero Batman. Matt's crazy about the mysterious crime-fighter and he even fantasizes about fighting villains at his hero's side. Ironically, Matt has no idea that the man he so admires, and the brother he lives to pester, are one and the same.

Maxine "Max" Gibson
Max Gibson is a 17 year old computer genius who just managed to discover one of the best kept secrets in Gotham City. Looking for a challenge, Max decided to use her computer know-how to discover Batman's secret identity. Using her skills in computers and electronics, she managed to construct a program that tracked all of Batman's appearances, and slowly it began to track all of Batman's possible identities that fit the criteria. However when Max began to be stalked and harassed by a Joker named Terminal, she turned her resources to uncovering her assailant. Her computer program, spit out "Terry McGinnis" as a prime suspect for a student leading a double life. Max assumed Terry was Terminal, but when Batman saved her from Terminal, she concluded that Terry was the Tomorrow Knight. Since she discovered Terry's alter-ego she's been helping him with everything to computer hacking, to babysitting to coming up with excuses for Dana. She plays an integral part in Batman's war on crime. Her parents are separated, and she has one older sister who often works late hours. Max is exceptionally intelligent and talented with computer programming, even among her peers. After unmasking Terry, Max insists on being a part of his secret life and helps him with everything from computer hacking to coming up with excuses to give his girlfriend Dana. She even expressed a desire to want to be the next Robin at some point, but Bruce Wayne refused to allow that possibility to become a real one. Max's importance is similar to that of Barbara Gordon's in the comics, as her hacking genius. Terry and Max remain close, but their relationship is never shown to exceed the boundaries of friendship, which is in contrast to the relationship between Barbara and Bruce, who later got romantically involved with each other. Max is, essentially, Terry's version of Alfred Pennyworth; Terry even jokingly referred to her as such on one occasion.

Alt. Stamp
Melanie Walker ("Ten")
Raised by a family of criminals, Melanie Walker never felt like she fit in. She loved her family, but she felt like she didn't belong. The youngest member of The Royal Flush Gang, Walker received only the best, with her upper-class life style made possible by crime. Content to live her life as a criminal, that all changed when she met Terry McGinnis one night outside of a club. She quickly fell for him, and they shared an immediate bond. Walker felt that she connected to McGinnis, not knowing he was really Batman. However, her family life came between her and McGinnis, making a relationship between the two impossible. Apprehended by the police, Walker decided she no longer wanted to live the life of a criminal, and opted the straight path. Now an ex-con trying to make an honest dollar, Walker hopes to break the cycle started by her family's legacy of crime. In the midst of a breakup with Dana, Terry meets Melanie Walker and the two become attracted to one another. However, Terry is crushed when he learns she too leads a double life. In a burst of clarity, he discards a note Melanie had left him, choosing instead not to read it, and goes back to Dana, while Melanie remains in the dark about her enemy and her lover being the same person. Terry has additional encounters with Ten; each time, he advises her to turn straight, showing that he still cares deeply about her. Their relationship is somewhat reminiscent of the one the original Batman had with Catwoman, and Bruce even notes it. Melanie was notably less cold-blooded and ruthless than her father and was much more humane; she seemed gentle, empathetic, smart, level-headed, honorable, somewhat outspoken, reliable, and trustworthy enough.

Nelson Nash
Nelson Nash is your typical, stereotypical school jock - completely self-absorbed, and concerned about his image. A bully to nerds and the non-athletic, Nash is conerned about one thing and one thing only - sports. Coasting on his athletic abilities, Nelson Nash has made many friends and many enemies at his high school, one of those enemies being Terry McGinnis. An athlete and bully at Terry's school, who eventually matures and becomes more friendly during the series. He seems to be popular with the girls, but never has a steady girlfriend. He briefly dated Chelsea and Blade, but found that even they disliked his obnoxious nature. He is very similar, both physically and mentally, to Flash Thompson from the Spider-Man universe, given his adversarial-turned-friendly relationship with Terry and admiration for Batman.

Rosalie "Ro" Rowen
Zeta saves a girl named Rosalie Rowen from an angry gang of street kids. In gratitude, when the tables turn a moment later, Ro helps Zeta escape the agents on his tail. When we meet her, fifteen-year-old Ro is one step away from living on the sidewalk. She grew up in foster care, and was then assigned to a state-run girls' home -- but in her own words, the place wasn't exactly the Waldorf. She ran away from the state system and hooked up with a gang just to have a roof over her head. But when she refused to do a hold-up to prove herself to the leader, she burned the last bridge she had. After saving one another from their respective threats, Zeta buys Ro food and clean clothes, using the cred-card that slides out of his palm. When Ro finds out that the card is perpetually charged, she immediately wants to tag along with him. Hey, who wouldn't want a best friend with unlimited money? Zeta warns Ro that being with him is dangerous, but she's not concerned. Living on the street is dangerous, and at least with him, she'll always eat. And besides, Zeta is the first person in a long time to care about her. Ro is the source of humor for The Zeta Project. She can see something to quip about in almost any situation. Even when our heroes get stuck in a jam, she'll remind us not to take it too seriously. And it's a good thing too -- because Zeta is kinda stiff. In fact, he's the ultimate straight man. Developing his sense of humor may just be the hardest challenge Ro has. She's also Zeta's guide to "passing" among humans. She teaches him how to "get loose," by relaxing his look and speaking more slang. She teaches him all those endless lessons we all take for granted about being human. Plus, thanks to a life of fending for herself, Ro's an expert on the less honorable sides of human nature. Her first lesson to the naïve Zeta in this area: don't ever tell anyone about that unlimited cred card again. Ro's past, and how she ended up on her own, will be another unfolding plotline over the course of the series. The only thing she even knows about her family is a vague memory of an older brother; the pair was separated by the foster care system years ago. Ro may not realize it herself, but ever since, she's been on her own search for a "family" to belong to. As she and Zeta search for his creator -- and become a family of sorts themselves -- Ro will embark on a parallel journey. She'll discover clues to the whereabouts of her parents, and surprising questions will awaken within her: Who are they? Why did they abandon her? Ro's "tough kid" armor will suddenly reveal its chink. And Zeta, having learned how to read people from the master, will realize the importance of these questions to her, and encourage her to search for answers.

District Attorney Sam Young
Married to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Sam Young has a prestigious career as Gotham's District Attorney. Young's childhood was his inspiration to pursue justice. Murders, riots, robbery, and gangs was a regular part of his childhood, and he was inspired to avoid it at all costs. After seeing his close friends and family suffer at the hands of violence, Young decided to take justice into his own hands, and joined Gotham's legal force. Despite being known for it's rampant corruption, Young remains a beacon of hope in the justice system. A man who can never be bought or persuaded, Young has earned the trust of his loving wife Barbara Gordon, and the trust of Gotham City.

Walter Shreeve ("Shriek")
Walter Shreeve is initially a sound engineer hoping to improve society with his inventions. He is led down a decidedly darker path by Derek Powers, who wants a return on his investment in Shreeve's research. He thus dubs him "Shriek", based on his special suit which allows him to generate destructive sound waves and manipulate sound in a wide variety of ways. During a fight with Batman, his suit is damaged, causing it to pick up sounds at such a high volume that Shreeve is rendered permanently deaf. Though he develops a special headset to hear normally, the incident drives him insane and vengeful against Batman. Shreeve was a brilliant sound engineer until Derek Powers stopped his funding. In order to save his business, Shreeve created a suit of sound for demolition. Powers saw no real use of it, until he discovered it could be used to destroy more than blocks. In order to please Powers, Shreeve was assigned to kill Bruce Wayne. As a result, he became Shriek; a villain with sound based powers. Shreeve is able to use sound vibrations to create earthquakes and other destructive properties. He's also able to "mute" all sound in a surrounding area. Able to transmit radio signals to receivers the size of a paperclip. After his first encounter with Batman, Shriek's suit was damage, which caused him to lose all hearing. While he was eventually able to form a kind of hearing aid, he was never able to fully regain his sound.

He hunts only the most dangerous prey. Stalker, whose real name is unknown, was a game hunter who was growing tired of the hunt. Then, wild hunting in Africa - he was maliciously attacked by a panther, crippling him. He had the resources to afford the best doctors to fix his body, and they did. Fixing his broken spine, they added a metallic spine. Not only that, but his strength and cunning was augmented. This was terrible news for Stalker - he could no longer hunt the "regular" game of the wild. Now he has set his sights toward Batman...the ultimate game.

The Joker
Described as a "monster" and a "psychopath" by the aging Bruce Wayne, the original Joker was a sadistic clown who delighted in tormenting the first Batman and his allies. A one-time nameless underworld gun for hire, the man who would become the Joker once fought Batman during a botched robbery at a chemical plant and fell into a vat of acid. The accident scarred both the criminal's face and mind. Now calling himself the Joker, the madman embarked on a campaign to make every citizen of Gotham a victim of his lethal antics. Joker's determination to wreck havoc on the city continues into the time of Batman Beyond, as the clown has apparently returned, alive, unchanged, and in his words, "Ready to give this old town a wedgie again!" When The Joker showed up at Bruce Wayne's ceremony for his return to Wayne / Powers, he and Terry were both confused by how he was seemingly able to rise from the dead. It was soon revealed to Terry that The Joker had once captured Robin (Tim Drake) and turned him into "J.J." or "Joker Jr." During this time, The Joker took state of the art technology and implanted a microchip with his DNA that would allow him to take over Tim Drake's body at will, enabling to be "alive" in the future. The Joker attempted to make Bruce and Terry's lives a living hell by taking away all they cared about--Joker sent out his Jokerz to injure Terry's girlfriend, Dana. After gaining control of a super-laser now in orbit around Earth, Joker began setting his targets; first was the hospital that Dana was staying at; he then targeted the apartment complex in which Terry's mother and brother were living. For Wayne, he targeted Wayne Manor, knowing the blast would destroy the Manor and the massive cave below.

Tim Drake
The last Robin to fly alongside Batman, Tim Drake was captured and tortured by Joker and Harley, essentially turning him into a miniature form of Joker. Physically and mentally scarred, Tim Drake led many tough years after that trying to regain his sanity with the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Bruce forbade Tim to be Robin again and the two drifted apart, not seeing each other till over three decades later. During the time he spent under The Joker’s torture, Tim was a part of The Joker’s “greatest experiment.” Using cutting edge technology, The Joker implanted his DNA on a microchip which he stuck to the side of Tim’s neck. When the time came for him to return, The Joker began to overtake Tim’s body at will; though he had grown old, Tim was still in good condition from his days as Robin. This gave Joker an advantage he previously never had: strength. Tim Drake was freed from The Joker’s grasp for a second time with the aid of both Bruce and Terry. Terry fried the microchip on Tim Drake’s neck with a dropped joy buzzer, removing Joker’s DNA and the chip. Tim, Barbara and Bruce all met together after the fiasco; though many bitter years lay between them, they sat down and worked it all out and are now friends once again. Tim Drake currently resides in Gotham with his wife.

Willie Watt
Willie Watt was always getting crap from everyone throughout the earlier portions of his high school career. He was constantly getting bullied by kids like Nelson Nash and even his father who wanted him to toughen up, with supportive friends like Terry McGinnis few and far between. Staying true to his father's word, Willie hijacked a powerful robot named GOLEM from his father's workplace so he could exact revenge on . Due to a mechanical flaw and an accident, Willie Watt forged a telepathic link between himself and GOLEM so he could control it anywhere with his mind without the aid of a device. Willie Watt was eventually sent to Juvenile Hall after he was stopped from killing his father with GOLEM by Batman. While Golem was destroyed so Willie could not control it and create even further chaos, he gained the power of Telekinesis. After strange incidents occurred at Hamilton Hill High School, Terry decided to pay a visit to Willie. While Willie was much more muscular and self-assured than before, Terry still felt that something was wrong. In order to test Willie, Terry quickly threw a cup of water at him which Willie was able to stop in midair with his mind. Thankfully, Terry was eventually able to stop Willie after he broke out and went after both Nash and his crush Blade.

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